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The Complete 1st Season

Wreckreation Nation - Discovery Channel & Image Ent. Releasing Season 1 of Dave Mordal's Show

3-disc set wil 'wreck' your DVD collection on August 25th

Posted by David Lambert
    Host Dave Mordal takes us on a guided tour of America's backyard adventurers and free-time fanatics! Whether it's punkin' chunkin' in Delaware, barstool sledding in Wisconsin or alligator wrestling in Colorado, Dave leaves no corner of the country unexplored in his quest for imaginative people who aren't afraid to make their own fun. From hometown traditions and competitions to downright quirky pastimes, this is the kind of American ingenuity that makes this country so unique.
The Discovery Channel and Image Entertainment are preparing an August 25th 3-DVD release of Wreckreation Nation - Season 1. Running 572 minutes for $24.98, the episodes listed below are presented in widescreen video and English Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. At the botton you'll see a button link to pre-order from Amazon, and a look at the front cover art!
  • Lawn Mower Racing: Dave travels to Ohio for the U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Championships, proving that all you need for a race is a couple of guys and any kind of engine. Then he enrolls in alligator wrestling school, despite his mortal fear of alligators.
  • Rock Crawling: Dave heads to Tennessee for the World Extreme Rock Crawling Championship where drivers scale up to 80-degree inclines in their homemade trucks. Then on to Tug Fest, where it's Illinois vs. Iowa in a 2400-ft. tug-o-war across the Mississippi River.
  • Demolition Derby: In Waverly, Minnesota, where there are only two seasons -- winter and demo season, Dave learns the finer points of demolition derby with 30-year demo veterans. Then Dark Ages Europe meets Tolkien's Middle Earth in a live battle game called Dagorhir.
  • Figure 8 Races: Driving a school bus on a figure-8 track may just be the craziest thing Dave's ever done. Then he's got both six-guns blazing at California's Cowboy Shootout before he's off to Colorado to meet a man who spent the last 39 years building his own castle.
  • Mini Moto: Dave proves that real men ride little bikes at the Mini Moto Florida Invitational Championship, where he gets in the big race on a bike he can lift with one hand. Then Dave gets burly lumberjack competition in Oregon and helps zombie enthusiasts break a world record.
  • Bigfoot Paintball: Dave faces battle while hunting for Bigfoot in a Florida scenario paintball game. He learns that cardboard boats are serious business for rival teams at an annual race in Arkansas. Then he meets a man who has spent decades designing a real-life "Iron Man" suit.
  • Bonneville: Dave tackles rodeo bullfighting in North Carolina. Then it's off to Utah's famous Bonneville Salt Flats, where people compete to break land speed records on everything from a barstool to a big-rig. Next, it's the world championships of interpretive canoeing.
  • Swamp Buggy : Dave races swamp buggies in Florida at the world's only professional swamp buggy track and sparks up some fun at FireFest, a convention for pyromaniacs who make their own fireworks. Later he meets a man who's developing some very unusual exercise equipment.
  • Punkin' Chunkin': You have to see this. Teams spend all year and thousands of dollars trying to build machines that will launch pumpkins the farthest. Then get to know people who like to stuff items with dynamite and blow them up. Dave gets serious as he asks why juggling should be the next Olympic sport.
  • Soap Box Racing: Dave fixes up his own soap box racer for renegade soap box racing in Los Angeles with guys who don't like to play by the rules. Then he learns how to launch fruitcakes with specialized machines and how to train falcons to hunt small game.
  • Vintage Snowmobile Racing: Dave enters the world's largest vintage snowmobile race where riders soup up their motors and race on ice to achieve record speeds. Then he participates in a vindicating adult dodgeball championship and meets a couple of guys who have taken ice sculpting to a whole new level.
  • Tank-Athalon: Dave competes in the first-ever Tank Olympics. Then he faces off against 60 sleigh teams for the title of "top dog" in the national human dogsled championships, and he drives a boat that looks like a dolphin -- and rides like one!
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