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The Wonder Years - What's the holdup? The music, of course!

Posted by Gord Lacey
Scott Lieber, with the Denver Post, looked into some of the issues preventing The Wonder Years from being released on DVD. It's no surprise the music in the series is causing Fox some headaches - how far have they gotten, and when can we expect the set? You'll have to read the article for answers.

A few points from the story to keep in mind:
  • 2 previous single-disc releases from 1998, which suffered from music replacement due to rights issues but originally sold for under $10 each, now go for between $75 and $200 in a typical online auction or used DVD sale.

  • Even though Fox Home Video stated over a year ago that they had Wonder Years season sets on the radar screen, Lieber's story says that, "...full seasons of the show remain locked up, as costly music licensing has postponed their release."

  • Fox knows how desired this release is. Per the Denver Post story, "We know it's something we'd like to put out. We know that people want it out. Consumers are waiting. Fans are waiting. We talk about needing to tackle it..."

So what's the actual status? We'll leave you hanging, and point you to Scott's article for the answer. Thanks to Scott for sending us the link and letting us know it was posted (and for using my quotes in his write-up).

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