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The Wild, Wild West - A Great Update on Extras Included on The Complete Series Package

Ridin' Into Town on November 4th

Posted by David Lambert
The other day we reported on CBS/Paramount's announcement that The Wild, Wild West - The Complete Series is coming to DVD on November 4th. At the time we passed along word from the studio that new extras on this release would include "promo spots" for the 1979 and 1980 reunion features, Wild Wild West Revisited andMore Wild Wild West. Since then, fans have let us know that they're pretty darn disappointed that these would only be promo spots, rather than the entire features.

This morning we got word from retail sources, who let us know that the information sent to them by the studio says differently. According to the details that retailers received for this package, it says that it will be a 26-disc set, with all 4 seasons' worth of remastered episodes, plus a new bonus disc described as "containing 2 full-length restored Wild Wild West TV movies on DVD for the first time: Wild Wild West Revisited and More Wild Wild West." THAT ought to put a smile on some faces out there!

Unfortunately, there are no known plans to release that disc separately, so if you want it you'll have to upgrade to the new package. DVDEmpire is taking pre-orders for this; they are curerntly pre-selling it for a $114.56 "street" cost, discounted from what they show as a $139.99 list price (note that some retailers may show different SRPs for big sets such as these from CBS/Paramount, due to studio policies). We're still waiting on box art for this, so stay tuned and we'll bring it to you as soon as we can!

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