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Who's the Boss? - Extras, Full Specs, and More in Official Press Release

Posted by David Lambert
We now have the official press release for Who's The Boss? - Season 1. We've previously reported on this set, scheduled for June 8, but now we have all the final details about this release, including the previously unannounced extras. Look for those at the bottom of the press release. Our thanks to Pavan Badal for his help with this:

Top-Rated '80s Domestic Sitcom Starring Tony Danza, Judith Light, Katherine Helmond, Danny Pintauro and Alyssa Milano

WHO'S THE BOSS? -- The Complete First Season
Available June 8 for the First Time on Special Three-Disc DVD Set

Culver City, CA (April 2004) - For eight seasons, from 1984-1992, the classic family sitcom Who's The Boss? captivated TV audiences, who wondered whether Tony and Angela would finally declare their unspoken love for each other and whether the question "Who's The Boss?" would ultimately be answered. Now see the original episodes that started it all, with the premiere release of the special three-disc DVD set WHO'S THE BOSS?: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON, featuring all 22 episodes from the debut season complete with a bonus featurette documenting some of the cast members' funniest moments, premiering June 8 from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

In Who's the Boss?, TV veteran Tony Danza ("Taxi," "Family Law") is Tony Micelli, a former blue-collar major-league baseball star who trades in his glove and bat for a vacuum and broom to become a live-in housekeeper. The series co-starred Emmy Award-winner Judith Light ("One Life to Live"), Emmy Award-nominee Katherine Helmond ("Soap") and launched the career of young Alyssa Milano ("Charmed").

Retiring from the hectic routine of city life in Brooklyn to spend more time with his daughter Samantha (Milano), Tony agrees to work as a domestic in the suburbs of Connecticut for uptight divorcee Angela Bower (Light), a workaholic advertising executive who needs help around the house, especially with her shy son Jonathan (Danny Pintauro) and her man-hungry vixen mother Mona Robinson (Helmond). Tony soon wins them all over with his laid-back style. Over time, romantic tensions begin to surface between Angela and Tony, but through it all, this unique "family" develops a loving bond for each other.

Through its eight-year run on ABC Television, Who's the Boss? was honored with three Emmy Award nominations and five Golden Globe nominations, with Katherine Helmond eventually garnering a Golden Globe Award (Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV, 1989). WHO'S THE BOSS?: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON also features guest appearances by Betty White ("The Golden Girls," "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"), James Coco, Nicole Eggert ("Charles in Charge," "Baywatch"), and Delta Burke ("Designing Women").

An ex-"big-leaguer" takes his daughter, pride and future on the road to start a new life, settling in the suburbs to keep house for a female executive with a son who loves snakes and a mother who loves men.

Briefless Encounter
Tony's scrupulously clean household habits extend to Angela's chambers, but he finds much more than a rubber duck swimming in her bathtub.

Dinner for Two
Tony gets trapped into an intimated dinner with Angela. By a well-meaning Cupid, but the result is something neither of them expected.

Sorority Sister
Her college reunion brings Angela a surprise visit from her old rival sorority sister Trish, who still helps herself to whatever suits her whim, be it Angela's boyfriend or current housekeeper.

Angela's First Fight
Angela pokes her nose into Tony's urban child-raising philosophies when his daughter's fist fighting wars off on Angela's son, only to lose her son's respect and eventually her composure.

Truth in Dating
Both Angela and Tony take the easy way out by keeping their mistaken identities in order to improve their social lives.

Mona Gets Pinned
Tony and Angela are thrilled that books aren't the only thing that Mona, grandmother turned college student, is bringing home from school, until they discover what class Mona's new beau is in.

Rash Decision
When Tony gets a crack at fame by endorsing a product being pushed by Angela's client, the two learn which has the louder voice - money or conscience.

Samantha's Growing Up
A baffled and unprepared Tony protests the actions of Angela, Mona and Mother Nature as his tomboy daughter, Sam, slips subtly into womanhood.

Sports Buddies
When Angela falls for a sweet-talking attorney, she must contend with the fact that her main competition for attention is "good buddy" and sports enthusiast Tony.

Protecting the President
Tony bolsters Angela's confidence and encourages quick action when a scheming vice president butters up the new chairman of the board with a "smear" campaign.

Paint Your Wagon
Tony's familiarity with his job is breeding contempt among the neighborhood housekeepers and disharmony between him and Angela.

Angela helps Tony deal with his father's memory - and an apartment filled with his father's memorabilia - providing Tony and Samantha with their best Christmas ever.

Guess Who's Coming Forever
When Mona is evicted from her apartment, Tony tries to promote family unity by getting her to move in with Angela - and nearly destroys family relations permanently.

Angela's Ex Part 1
When Angela's long lost adventurer husband returns from the jungle, that old romantic magic makes Angela's divorce plans disappear...along with Tony's job.

Angela's Ex Part II
The romantic bliss between Angela and her estranged husband seems to be wearing thin and Tony's perfect new job is leaving something to be desired; an unexpected reconciliation could be in the offing.

Eye on Angela
Tony and Angela have a lot of explaining to do when television's "Eye on Hartford" discovers them in a rather compromising position.

Double Date
Twelve-year-old Samantha may never be able to show her face in school again after Tony volunteers to be a chaperon at her first school dance and then gets caught kissing her teacher.

Tony's Father-in-Law
Tony is suspicious of his father-in-law's motives and means when, out of nowhere, he arrives on Angela's doorstep and lavishes Samantha with expensive gifts.

Just Like Tony
Angela is worried that the stories Tony has been telling about his childhood pranks are the cause of Jonathan's strange behavior changes.

Keeping Up with Marci
Tony and Samantha must come to grips with the affluence of their community when Samantha desperately wants to go on a ski trip that Tony can't afford.

First Kiss
Temptation threatens to singe employer / employee relationships when Angela and Tony find themselves alone "celebrating" Angela's birthday.

  • Digitally Mastered Audio & Video
  • Fullscreen Presentations
  • Audio: English (Stereo)
  • Seven Featurettes on "Who's The Boss: How It Began?"
      1.) Brooklyn Meets Connecticut
      2.) Tony Micelli: Man of the House
      3.) Angela Bower: President of the Corporation
      4.) Mona...Mona...Mona...And the Children...
      5.) Samantha and Jonathan
      6.) Opposites Attract
      7.) How Will It End?
  • Bonus Previews
  • Episode Selections

    Not Rated
    Closed Captioned
    Running Time: 455 Minutes
    DVD Catalog # 02869
    UPC Code: 0-43396-02869-2
    SLP: $39.95 DVD
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