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The Waltons - 8th Season Set Formally Announced: Date, Cost, Bonus Material & Package Art! ***UPDATED***

Star-spangled package coming your way in early January

Posted by David Lambert
In our recent report about the topics covered in an online chat Warner Home Video held last week at the Home Theater Forum website, we passed along that the studio was preparing more Waltons for 2009, and that the details would be revealed shortly. Right on schedule, Warner formally announced this morning the release of The Waltons - The Complete 8th Season on DVD. The 3-disc set (including double-sided discs) arrives on January 6th, at a cost of $39.98 SRP. It will include the 24 episodes listed below, plus a bonus Featurette (details to be announced). Package art is at the bottom; enjoy!
  1. The Home Front, Part 1
  2. The Home Front, Part 2
  3. The Kinfolk
  4. The Diploma
  5. The Innocents
  6. The Starlet
  7. The Journal
  8. The Lost Sheep
  9. The Violated
  10. The Waiting
  11. The Silver Wings
  12. The Wager
  13. The Spirit
  14. The Fastidious Wife
  15. The Unthinkable
  16. The Idol
  17. The Prodigals
  18. The Remembrance
  19. The Inspiration
  20. The Last Straw
  21. The Traveling Man
  22. The Furlough
  23. The Medal
  24. The Valediction
UPDATE: Warner has provided some additional information: the Featurette included as bonus material on this release is titled "A Decade of The Waltons." The studio also provided this description of the release:
    "The Secretary of War desires me to express his deep regret that your son, John Walton, Jr., has been reported missing in action." The telegram that every parent fears brings sudden heartache to the Walton family. But Season 8 brings joy, too: Olivia returns home, her health restored. Ben and Cindy welcome another Walton into the world. Cousin Rose and her rambunctious grandchildren fill empty rooms in the Walton home. Mary Ellen and Erin challenge scoffing men in a horse race. Jim-Bob graduates from high school and makes a decision that fills the family with profound pride. And throughout the 24 episodes in this 3-disc collection, all the Waltons pitch in to help the war effort, eager to defend their country...and to bring the Walton sons, each in uniform, safely home.
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The Waltons - The Complete 8th Season box art
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