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Wait Till Your Father Gets Home - Wait Is Over: Animated Tom Bosley Father Gets Home This Summer!

Posted by David Lambert
2 years before Tom Bosley became the all-American dad from the '50s in Happy Days (and don't forget that the second season of that finally comes to DVD this April!), he was cast as a voice actor in the title role of the animated series Wait Till Your Father Gets Home. This Hanna- Barbera produced show was released in first-run syndication.

Harry Boyle was a typcial dad of the era in this 1972 primetime 'toon, and his wife Irma (Joan Gerber, who among her MANY voice roles was "Freddie the Flute" on H.R. Pufnstuf) kept the kids in line mostly by threatening with their dad's eventual arrival home from his job as the owner of a restaurant supply company. The older kids living at the Boyles' Elm Street residence consisted of Chet (old enough to be out of school, but he's unemployed, living at home, and thought of as a hippie) and Alice (a liberal young lady, overweight, who often clashes with her archly conservative dad).

So far this may remind you of the All In The Family dynamic, except that Harry is no bigot such as Archie Bunker was, and - unlike Meathead and Gloria - Chet and Alice are brother/sister instead of married. But the final family member puts us more into Family Ties territory: like Michael J. Fox's '80s role of Alex Keaton, the youngest son in Wait Till Your Father Gets Home, 9-year-old Jamie, was a budding capitalist and loved to think of a way to make a buck. The actor who voiced "Jamie," Jackie Earle Haley, is currently nominated for an Academy Award, by the way! Watching all of this (and often getting himself in the middle of it) was nutty neighbor Ralph, who was always railing out about the hippies and commies, and was quite militant about it (making Harry seem easy-going by comparison!). Then, from time to time we saw Alice's boyfriend, Herbie, as well.

The first season of 24 episodes did not have any guest stars, but the second season (20 episodes) and third season (the final 4 episodes) benefited on the guest voices side from Hanna-Barbera's The New Scooby-Doo Movies, as several of the guest stars there also took the time to record parts for Wait Till You Father Gets Home. The second and third season saw stints from the likes of Phyllis Diller, Don Adams, Monty Hall, Don Knotts, Jonathan Winters and Rich Little. The animation on JWTYFGH might not look exactly like the style you're used to seeing from Hanna-Barbera, and the reason for that is because a significant amount of the production was shared with Canawest Studios, who is best known for their '60s animated adventures of the fab four, The Beatles.

But this IS still considered to be a Hanna-Barbera production, and I am extremely pleased to be breaking the news to you that HB and Warner Brothers are preparing to announce the DVD release of Wait Till Your Father Gets Home - The Complete 1st Season. The official announce is a week or two off, and anything can change (before or after that formal press release), but right now we are hearing that Warner will bring out this 4-DVD set on June 5th. The $44.98 SRP item will have all 24 half-hour cartoons from the first season, along with extras that include a featurette that takes a retrospective look at the show, plus in-depth "biographies" of the characters with a very comedic bent.

Unfortunately, we here at TVShowsOnDVD do NOT expect the discs to include the original "pilot" episode of JWTYFGH. You see, like Bosley's later series, Happy Days, the original short story featuring the animated family of The Boyles appeared as a segment on Love, American Style. That appearance in the late 3rd season of L,AS was "Love and the Old-Fashioned Father", which aired in Feb. 1972 (seven months before the regular show debuted). Since L,AS is apparently in the possession of Paramount/CBS, we don't expect that they would have allowed Warner to let that pilot entry of JWTYFGH appear on this DVD set. We hope we're wrong, though, and we hope that we'll find out that it is actually included when the official announcement comes through. We're not holding our breath, though.

Either way, I cannot tell you how pleased I am to see this package coming out! It is certainly making my day just to know it's on-the-way, and with Father's Day just a couple of weeks after its release, I can personally hope to see this set inside the giftwrap, instead of a tie. How sure are we that this compilation is more than just a rumor? Well, rumors don't usually have cover art. Enjoy!

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Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

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