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Viper - VEI Posts a Release Timeframe for the Fan-Favorite Mid-90s Car/Crime Show!

The DVDs of the series from Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo are just months away now

Posted by David Lambert
In 1994, the writing/producing team of Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo (the same team responsible for the movie The Rocketeer and TV shows such as 1990's The Flash and the early UPN series The Sentinel) brought a show to NBC called Viper. NBC cancelled the show after one season of 12 episodes. But two years later, in 1996, Viper returned from Bilson and De Meo as a syndicated program, lasting for a 2nd, 3rd and 4th season before getting permanently parked.

In November 2015 we reported that VEI (Visual Entertainment, Inc.) had added a LONG list of shows to its "coming soon" page at their website...a list that has been removed quite some months back, when VEI realized that it would take a long time to produce EVERYTHING listed there. They were all still being planned for just wasn't going to be "soon" after all, so they wanted to give themselves more time! Viper was among the titles given, and - as we said at the time - we've never known if VEI's plans are for the entire series, or for a fraction of it. Maybe just the NBC season, or maybe just the three syndicated seasons, or perhaps one season at a time...we simply don't know, as VEI hasn't said!

But whatever amount of the series is coming, VEI recently HAS actually said something about when we can expect it! One of our readers, Richard Mazepa, was the first to link us to a Facebook post made a few weeks ago by another Viper fan, Terri Paxton, asking (in a roundabout way) for VEI to update us all about the show's DVD plans. VEI had a short - but VERY sweet! - answer to him about it: "coming this summer"!!!

We're working with VEI to get more specifics, and they promise to get back to us about their various upcoming TV-DVD titles as soon as things get finalized for each of them. Stay tuned, of course, and we'll update you further as more info becomes available!

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