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Underdog - Press release corrects some incorrect info - Plus box artwork

Three volumes come out on July 24

Posted by Gord Lacey
The other day we posted some information about Underdog headed to DVD, but the source of the info had some details wrong. The press release is below, along with artwork for all three volumes:


The Ultimate Underdog DVD Collection Volumes 1 - 3 Fly in to Save the Day on July 24

DVDs Include Favorite Episodes from the Classic Animated TV Series, "The Underdog Show"

NEW YORK, NY/CAPITAL CITY, USA - Not bird, not plane, not even frog, it's just little old me, Underdog — on DVD! This summer, everyone's favorite caped-canine flies in to rescue both the little and big screen. Classic Media and Genius Products will release The Ultimate Underdog DVD Collection Volumes 1 – 3, just in time for the premiere of Disney's "Underdog" movie starring Jim Belushi and the voice of Jason Lee. All three volumes will be available on July 24 for $12.93 SRP each.

Each volume includes six complete, digitally re-mastered episodes from the classic 1960s and 70s TV series, featuring the voice talent of Wally Cox as Underdog and Shoeshine Boy. Fans can now watch their favorite Underdog episodes as they originally aired on TV, complete with shorts starring Hunter, Go Go Gophers, Klondike Kat, Tennessee Tuxedo, King and Odie, Tootie Turtle and Commander McBragg.

Volume One The Big Dipper
Episodes 1 & 2: Simon Barsinister invents the Big Dipper to dry up all the water in the world!
Episodes 3 & 4: Can Underdog save the world's water? Or will Simon forever rule over every drop?

The Gold Bricks
Episodes 1 & 2: Public Enemy Number One Riff Raff and his sidekick Mooch frame Underdog for the largest gold brick robbery in history!
Episodes 3 & 4: As Sweet Polly Purebred tries to clear Underdog's good name, she gets herself into deep trouble that maybe even Underdog can't save her from!

Fearo the Ferocious
Episodes 1 & 2: Polly Purebred is sent to a mysterious island to report on the world's mightiest monster, Fearo the Ferocious!
Episodes 3 & 4: When Fearo escapes, can Underdog save Polly from the giant ape's evil clutches?

Special Features Include:

  • Interview with Underdog's co-creator, Joe Harris
  • "The Underdog Show's" Family of Characters Theme Songs
  • Interactive Menus
Volume Two The Great Gold Robbery
Episodes 1 & 2: Riff Raff and his gang of hoodlums use a diabolical plot to trick Underdog so they can rob a train of all its gold!
Episodes 3 & 4: While Underdog is distracted saving Polly Purebred, a giant train crash is in Riff Raff's golden plan. Can Underdog get there in time?

The Big Shrink
Episodes 1 & 2: Simon Barsinister desires to be the biggest man in the world, so he invents Shrinking Water and shrinks everyone, even Underdog!
Episodes 3 & 4: How will Underdog defeat Simon once and for all, when he has been shrunken down so small?

Bonus Episode: FOR THE FIRST TIME ON DVD! The Marbleheads
Episodes 1 & 2: The rock-eating Marbleheads from the Planet Granite have invaded Earth and are turning everyone into their slaves!
Episodes 3 & 4: Will Shoeshine Boy be able to turn into Underdog so he can destroy the unstoppable Captain and his Granite Gun?

Special Features Include:

  • Underdog Theme Song Sing-Along
  • Archival Broadcast Promos
  • Interactive Menus
Volume Three Weathering the Storm
Episodes 1 & 2: Simon Barsinister hijacks a spaceship and flies Sweet Polly Purebred to the moon to use his dangerous Weather Machine against Earth!
Episodes 3 & 4: Simon threatens to press all the keys on his Weather Machine! Can Underdog stop tornados, earthquakes, floods and hurricanes all at once?

Episodes 1 & 2: After too many foiled robberies, Riff Raff takes his crime game out West.
Episodes 3 & 4: Polly Purebred is a prisoner in Riffraffville and only Underdog can save her. But without his Super Energy Pill, has he met his final match?

Bonus Episode: FOR THE FIRST TIME ON DVD! Round and Round
Episodes 1 & 2: Underdog is under the dizzy spell of Zorm, the evil ruler of a strange planet.
Episodes 3 & 4: No one can cure Underdog! Will he be able to save the world from Cron, a rampaging GIANT?

Special Features Include:

  • "The Underdog Show" Trivia Challenge
  • Special Narrated Storyboard: "The Nug of Nog"
  • Interactive Menus
About Underdog
Since the animated TV series debuted in the 1960s, Underdog has become a pop-culture icon. Audiences all over the world continue to cheer Shoeshine Boy and his alter ego Underdog, as the unlikely superhero helps restore order to society whenever danger looms. Called into action by his would-be girlfriend, ace news reporter Sweet Polly Purebred, the anti-hero must thwart the evil plans of unsavory characters such as the mad scientist Simon Barsinister or the underworld boss Riff Raff. Using a phone booth to swiftly change into the pup-of-steel, Underdog flies into action.

About Classic Media
Classic Media, an Entertainment Rights Group Company, owns and controls some of the world's most recognizable family brands across all media including feature film, television, digital, home video, and consumer products. The Company's extensive library features a diverse collection of popular animated and live-action characters such as: Casper the Friendly Ghost, Gumby, Lassie, The Lone Ranger, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Underdog.

The Company has an active slate of feature film and television projects currently in development and production. The new live-action/CGI "Underdog" feature film with Spyglass Entertainment and Disney hits theaters on August 3, 2007. An animated "Mr. Peabody & Sherman" feature film is now in development with DreamWorks. Classic Media's pre-school series, "Gerald McBoing Boing," based on the Dr. Seuss book, airs daily on Cartoon Network. Cartoon Network will also soon premiere the all-new "George of the Jungle" animated series, now in production with Studio B in Vancouver.

About Genius Products
Genius Products, Inc. (OTCBB:GNPI), along with The Weinstein Company, jointly owns Genius Products, LLC, a leading independent home-entertainment distribution company that produces, licenses and distributes a valuable library of motion pictures, television programming, family, lifestyle and trend entertainment on DVD and other emerging platforms. Through its expansive network of retailers throughout the U.S., Genius handles the distribution, marketing and sales for such brands as Asia Extreme™, Baby Genius®, Discovery Kids™, Dragon Dynasty™, Dimension Films™, ESPN®, IFC®, RHI Entertainment™, Sesame Workshop®, Wellspring™, The Weinstein Company® and WWE®. Genius Products, Inc. is the managing member of Genius Products, LLC, in which it holds a 30% equity interest.

Underdog Vol 1 DVD artwork

Underdog Vol 2 DVD artwork

Underdog Vol 3 DVD artwork

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