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Twin Peaks - Cover Art, Tentative Street Date for the Definitive Gold Box Edition

Still Waiting for Details about Contents/Bonus Material

Posted by David Lambert
Fans of Twin Peaks have had a long road to get to that fabled small town nestled in the Northeast corner of the States. Artisan (now a part of Lionsgate) released the first season of the show way back in 2001, in an excellent set that left us all on the edge of our seats with a gripping cliffhanger. When the show first aired on ABC, we merely had to wait from Spring until Fall to find out who killed Laura Palmer, but on DVD there was a 5- year delay until the second season could be viewed on a set released by CBS/Paramount this past April, after a rights transfer left the property in their hands.

To make matters worse, the first season set lacked the show's pilot episode, due to additional rights issues, and only the most extreme fans managed to get their hands on a "Region 0" international DVD release of that show; the rest had to make due with Artisan's text description of the events in the original telefilm, which is all that was included on the first season package. Fans longed for a "complete series set" on DVD, that put it all together, and gave the show the fantastic extras that it truly deserves.

According to our friends in the industry, the opportunity will come on October 30th, which is CBS/Paramount's currently planned release date for Twin Peaks - Definitive Gold Box Edition. The first and second season are most certainly going to be included on this set, and all hints point to the pilot being included as well. And here at TVShowsOnDVD, we've known for two years that excellent extras have been in-the-works for some sort of super-set, and this appears to be the one!

Stay tuned, because nothing's been announced yet, and that release date is still subject to change. However, our source on this has rarely been wrong. Moreover, we've also managed to get something which we're extremely certain nobody else can show you right now: cover art. Even that is still subject to change, but the source of this is the studio; it's guaranteed not to be some fan's photoshopped effort. Enjoy!

Twin Peaks - Definitive Gold Box Edition

UPDATE (6/26/07): CBS/Paramount has requested that we remove the artwork previously posted.

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