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Twin Peaks - It sounds like we're finally making progress!

Posted by David Lambert
The last time TVShowsOnDVD had a Twin Peaks update was at the end of October, when we passed on's report that we're likely to see Paramount release the second season of the show in late-2005 (supposedly in September, according to a 2003 rumor report, which is when the rights are supposed to revert back to Paramount in their entirety {NOTE: in that report we quoted they said "2004," when the rights actually revert in 2005}).

At the time of this new October rumor, we asked Paramount for a comment, and they simply replied that nothing was on the schedule...yet. From what we know of the Paramount official schedule, it's still Peaks-less at the moment, but that might only mean a specific date hasn't been chosen. New evidence has recently surfaced that this item is being worked on, and we have a Home Theater Forum reader, Mark Wilson, to thank for the heads-up on this.

Extras aren't always a part of TV-on-DVD releases, but sometimes you can pretty much count on them for certain releases. Twin Peaks - Season 2 would be as close to a no-brainer for needing bonus material as you get, given the high level of fan anticipation for this title! And it looks like Paramount is delivering, with none other than Lancelot Narayan, the producer who brought supplements to such awesome Paramount releases as Once Upon a Time in the Old West and the remake of The Italian Job.

Another slick new DVD in the works for Paramount is a special collector's edition of the film Event Horizon, and Narayan is also working on that release. In an online discussion at the IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase) message boards for Event Horizon, where the new DVD (tentatively scheduled for October 2005 in North America) is being discussed, Narayan made a side-remark that had to do with Twin Peaks:
    I'm currently pulling my hair out working on the Extras for Season 2 of 'Twin Peaks'. If it's at all possible, 'Peaks' fans are more exacting than Trekers [sic]! I really want everybody that buys it when it comes out to be happy. In the end, you can only do your best.

We sincerely hope that our passing on and publicizing those remarks do not get Narayan in trouble, either with the studio, or with Peaks fans who might be upset at being called more exacting than Trekkers, or for that matter with Trekkers who might be upset at being called exacting (we Trekkers are, though...and we know it!). In the end, Narayan chose to make his remarks publicly, and we feel the responsibility to pass on to thousands of deperate Twin Peaks fans that there IS evidence that this release is in production right now, and that they should not despair! I think it's safe to speculate that we'll have this on store shelves before the year is over. That might just be wishful thinking on my part, but at least it's optimistic, and fans like me could use some optimism right about now.

But not everything is optimistic about this project. Since our last update, there have also been rumors that the Paramount release might look inferior to the Artisan release of the first season, because the negatives will not get remastered in the same fashion that the other studio provided for. Our take on this right now is that this is unsubstantiated, and cannot be verified at this time. Consumers should feel free to politely pass on to Paramount what they want to see, but should keep in mind that the studio is aware of the high level of interest in this title, and the super-high level of scrutiny it will receive upon release. We find it hard to believe that they will fail to bring this in at their usual well-done standards.

Only time will tell, though. And for now, Paramount isn't telling. So we can only play this rumor mill game for now, and wait for official word from the people who really really know. Once we find out, we'll be quick to pass it along. Stay tuned!

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