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Twice In a Lifetime - Two Volumes scheduled for Canada

Posted by Gord Lacey
Video Service Corp, a Canadian home media company, has announced plans to release the first two volumes of Twice in a Lifetime. Each volume is 90 mins long, and will sell for $14.98 CAN. Look for them on August 23.

What would you do if you were given a second chance?
Twice In A Lifetime
Volume 1 & Volume 2

Twice In A Lifetime is a Gemini Award nominated series that grants second chances. Inspiring and rewarding, this family oriented Canadian series starring Al Waxman answers the question "what if I had chosen a different path?"

Each episode focuses on a character that has taken a wrong path, made bad choices. The recently departed are given a chance to correct the past and then relive their life anew. Going back to a pivotal time or event they attempt to persuade or coerce their younger self to make the right choice, to affect their destiny for the positive. The late Al Waxman stars as Judge Othniel, the celestial adjudicator who hands down sentences, while Gordie Brown and Paul Popowich play Mr. Jones and Mr. Smith, the heavenly emissaries who guide those souls seeking redemption.

Twice In A Lifetime originally aired from 1999 to 2001. It has been broadcast on PAX, CTV, Vision and the W Network.

Now available for the first time on DVD, each disc contains 2 episodes of this celebrated show.

Volume 1
"Death and Taxes" - Starring Corbin Bernson (LA Law, Major League)
Episode 102 Original airdate September 1, 1999

Roger Stovall (Bernson) is a cold, officious man working for the IRS, a man so coldhearted he closes down a dog shelter. His lack of warmth and feeling, although good for his career, is ruining his marriage. On a camping trip his 12 year old son disappears. One month later, believing he sees his son across the street, Roger steps into traffic and is killed by a speeding car. He is given a chance to turn his uncaring, cold younger self into a man of warmth and love. And once again go through the agony of his son's disappearance.

"A Match Made in Heaven" - Starring Patrick Duffy (Dallas)
Episode 109 Original airdate November 10, 1999

Pete Hogan (Duffy) has it all - a beautiful wife, two wonderful children and is the head of a huge development corporation. But why is life so hollow and bitter? After suffering a cardiac arrest while jogging, Hogan is given a chance to take a different path. Does he marry the woman he loves or the woman who claims is carrying his baby? Does he follow his dream of architecture or take the easy money of building mini-malls? Sent back as a priest, how is Hogan going to convince his younger self to follow his heart?

Volume 2
"It's a Hard Knock Life" - Starring Markie Post (Night Court)
Episode 225 Original airdate August 30, 2000

Nancy Donovan (Post) grew up in an orphanage and was never adopted. Feeling abandoned and alone she becomes a bitter recluse, only showing love to her many cats. After death Nancy is sent back to the orphanage and believes she is there to find her younger self the "perfect family." After learning that the orphanage director has always loved and supported the young girl, Nancy learns that family is where the heart is.

"Even Steven" - Starring Ian Ziering (Beverly Hills 90210) & Brian Orser
Episode 238 Original airdate January 31, 2001

Dr Steven Weaver (Ziering) is an anger management therapist who is surprised to find his former childhood bully is one of his patients. Weaver sees this as a chance to exact revenge but unfortunately an argument results in his own death. Sent back as a skating coach (Orser) Weaver believes he is there to prevent his younger self's humiliation at the hands of the bully. What he learns is that his problems in life are closer to home.

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