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Transformers: The Headmasters - 'Complete Japanese Collection' Set: Date, Cost, Bonus Material, Early Box Art

13-DVD package up for pre-order at studio's online store with Headmasters, Master Force and Victory

Posted by David Lambert
    In 1984 the world was introduced to a unique line of transforming toys designed by a Japanese toymaker. Originally created as independent action figures, the line was repackaged as The Transformers by American toy powerhouse Hasbro, who enlisted the help of advertisers Tom Griffin and Joe Bacal and comic book writer Bob Budiansky to create a comprehensive backstory of valiant Autobots and treacherous Decepticons. The franchise was an instant success, launching popular comic books and a daily animated series that spanned four stunning seasons and a theatrical motion picture.

    After the events of the Transformers Gen One TV seasons, Japanese creators had more stories to tell. This trilogy steered the heroic adventures of the Autobots - known as Cybertrons in Japan - in a completely new and wild direction. Finally, for the very first time in North America, those three Japanese creations - Headmasters, Super-God Masterforce and Victory - can be seen in one deluxe 13-DVD box set!

    Offered with the original Japanese Language Audio and English Subtitles. Additional bonus features include original toy commercials, art galleries including rare material and much more.
As we've already reported, July 5th sees Shout! Factory's release of Transformers: The Headmasters - The Japanese Collection 4-DVD set. Fans have been wondering how soon we would see the rest of the show's three Japanese-aired programs (Transformers: Headmasters, Transformers: ChĂ´jin Master Force and Transformers: Victory) generally referred to as the "Takara Transformers," and now we have the answer thanks to reader Steve Grubb (we appreciate the alert!). According to what he's found, The Complete Japanese Transformers Collection will be available on the same date, July 5th. The info is located on the official Shout! Factory public website, but it's not easily findable either: from the home page, change to the "Video" tab (along the top), go to the "TV on DVD" category (top of the list on the left), and then change to "sort by release date" (center, above the show banners). As of this writing, it's on the top left of the page that results. You can also more directly find this title on Shout!'s Transformers page, at the top.

The Complete Japanese Transformers CollectionThe list price is $99.99 SRP, but at this time you can pre-order it from the studio online store for $89.99, plus shipping and handling. The title is not listed on other online stores such as Amazon at this time. A small look at the package art is provided at Shout!'s online store listing, and we've got a look at it on the right (may not be final, and could be subject to change). Also listed there are additional details, quoted at the top: it will be a 13-DVD set, with the only audio being Japanese, but with English subtitles included (formally confirming our report the other day about that). Extras are hinted at in the studio description above, but a complete list of all bonus material hasn't been provided yet. Keep in mind, please, that Shout! hasn't formally announced this title to the press yet, nor have our contacts among retailers been sent any additional information at this time...all we've got is this publicly-available info at the studio's website which one of our readers found. Please stay tuned, though, and we'll keep you updated if we learn anything more!

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Transformers: The Headmasters

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