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The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson - 'The Vault Series: Volume 1' DVD is Coming Next Month

2 complete episodes from 1972, including commercials and bonus footage

Posted by David Lambert
    INTRODUCING THE VAULT SERIES! A Never-Before-Released series of complete shows from The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. Now for the first time ever, we have opened up the vault to share with you the legacy of Johnny Carson - 30 years, 4,000 shows, 25,000 guests. The fans have been asking for more, and we've heard you!

    We have big plans for this series in 2013, beginning with the Volume 1 release in June and we've already begun work on Volume 2! Carson Entertainment Group plans to release more shows this year and if these volumes sell well, just wait for 2014! Your support in this endeavor will make it possible for us to keep reaching back into the vault for more classic Johnny Carson - just like you remember. has begun alerting fans of the late night legend that in June 2013 - next month! - they will release The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson - The Vault Series: Volume 1, the first of a new series of DVDs they plan to put out which dig deep into the Carson archives. Cost and a specific ship date haven't been provided yet, and we're not even sure so far if this will be available for general release, or through online sellers such as Amazon, or if this is only going to be directly sold by Johnny's website. Stay tuned and we'll try to find out. Our thanks to reader Anthony Castaldi for the heads-up about it. Below is the description of the Volume 1 contents, plus a look at the packaging:

    Show Descriptions -
      Show 1: 10/2/1972 - The 10th Anniversary Show with: Dean Martin, Ronald Reagan, Jack Benny, Joey Bishop, Don Rickles, George Burns, Jerry Lewis, Rowan and Martin, Dinah Shore, Ed, Doc and More!

      Show 2: 9/19/72 - A gem of a show! Classic Johnny Carson with guests Bob Hope, Dom Deluise, John Denver and Peter Fonda.

      Bonus Material: 9/22/72 - And if two complete shows isn't enough, just kidding, we know it's not... we've also included a priceless bonus clip featuring stuntwoman Peaches Jones who starred in some of the best Blaxploitation films of the 1960's and 1970's including Mod Squad, Coffy, Foxy Brown and more. Watch as she performs some of her stunts on Johnny!
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson - The Vault Series: Volume 1
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