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Tom and Jerry - 'Golden Collection Volume 1' DVD, Blu-ray: Date, Cost, Shorts, Box Art, Extras ***UPDATES AND CORRECTIONS***

Available in late October on both standard and high-def formats, with bonus material

Posted by David Lambert
    Celebrate the most enduring team in animation history with a collection fans will want to chase and catch! This highly anticipated release includes over 40 remastered shorts starting with Puss Gets The Boot! Enjoy these highly collectible set with Improved Picture and Audio for the first time ever!
Alluded to by our friend Jerry Beck in an interview late last year, today Warner Home Video has announced that Tom and Jerry - Golden Collection Volume 1 will be out on October 25th for both DVD and high-def Blu-ray Disc format. As you can see from the description above, there are "over 40" shorts included. Per the list provided by the studio (see below), it will be 41 cartoons. Jerry indicated in his interview that there would be "material not yet seen before"; that apparently takes the form of the extras, however, as there only one previously unreleased-to-DVD short ("Mouse Cleaning") on these 2-disc sets. NOTE: Please see the updates and corrections, below.

Those extras take the form of Commentary by Animation Experts on 9 titles, plus over an hour of additional viewing extras that includes a brand-new Retrospective Featurette titled "Vaudeville, Slapstick and Tom and Jerry." The DVD set costs $26.99 SRP and presents the cartoons in their original 1.33:1 "full frame" video aspect ratio, and English audio and subtitles. The Blu-ray set features the shorts also in the original 1.33:1 aspect ration, but with video at 1080p high definition. An audio mix of English Dolby Surround 5.1 is mentioned, plus English subtitles. The BD version clocks in at $34.99 SRP.

Here is the list of shorts that Warner Home Video has provided to retailers and press, including mark-ups (courtesy of the studio) showing which previous DVD sets each title has previously been released on:
  1. Puss Gets The Boot²
  2. The Midnight Snack²
  3. The Night Before Chritmas²
  4. Fraidy Cat²
  5. Dog Trouble²
  6. Puss N’ Toots²
  7. The Bowling Alley Cat²
  8. Fine Feathered Friend²
  9. Sufferin’ Cats¹
  10. The Lonesome Mouse*
  11. The Yankee Doodle Mouse¹
  12. Baby Puss¹
  13. The Zoot Cat¹
  14. The Million Dollar Cat¹
  15. The Body Guard¹
  16. Puttin On The Dog²
  17. Mouse Trouble¹
  18. The Mouse Comes To Dinner²
  19. Mouse In Manhattan²
  20. Tee For Two¹
  21. Flirty Birdy¹
  22. Quiet Please!¹
  23. Springtime For Thomas²
  24. The Milky Waif¹
  25. Trap Happy²
  26. Solid Serenade¹
  27. Cat Fishin’¹
  28. Part Time Pal²
  29. The Cat Concerto¹
  30. Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Mouse²
  31. Salt Water Tabby¹
  32. A Mouse In The House³
  33. The Invisible Mouse¹
  34. Kitty Foiled¹
  35. The Truce Hurts¹
  36. Old Rockin’ Chair Tom²
  37. Professor Tom²
  38. Mouse Cleaning**
  39. Polka Dot Puss²
  40. The Little Orphan¹
  41. Hatch Up Your Troubles³
** = New to DVD (1 item)
* = previously available on Tom and Jerry Deluxe Anniversary Collection (1 item)
¹ = previously available on Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection #1 (19 18 items)
² = previously available on Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection #2 (18 17 items)
³ = previously available on Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection #3 (2 items 1 item)

Below you'll see the studio-provided package art for the Blu-ray and DVD versions of Tom and Jerry - Golden Collection Volume 1. The odd thing is that the box covers say "37 Remastered Theatrical Shorts," whereas all the other information points to the number 41. So we assume the box art is incorrect and needs to be updated. On the other hand, for Warner's vintage animation releases of this nature before, we *have* gotten incorrect lists of shorts at the beginning, with finalized listings later on. So it's entirely possible the above list of cartoons might change. Or the box might. In the meantime, we're providing you with everything we currently know! Stay tuned and we'll update you, as necessary.

UPDATES/CORRECTIONS: I've just been in contact with animation expert Jerry Beck, who is of course consulting with Warner Home Video on this release. He informs me that the early information from the studio about the count of shorts on these DVD and Blu-ray sets is incorrect. The Golden Collection Volume 1 will have 37 shorts, just as the package art says. The final four shorts mentioned on the list above aren't ready for DVD yet, and are being saved aside for Volume 2, including the long-awaited "Mouse Cleaning." Jerry tells me that it will be worth the wait, as "Mouse Cleaning" is being restored from the original nitrate elements...which had been found along with some others from Tom and Jerry. Wow! Of course, Jerry's confident at the moment that this second volume will happen, but it's still early and anything can change (so please don't take everything to heart just yet!). Also, Jerry tells us that the list of Volume 1 bonus material provided hasn't been completely finalized just yet, and could be subject to change. Stay tuned and we'll update you once we have the official, finalized studio info. Which, we note, may not come out until the San Diego Comic Con, which ramps up in three weeks. Jerry will be there; you'll find him on the Warner Home Video panel about the DVD and Blu-ray Disc releases of Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes; be sure to see him - and others - there in San Diego! Our thanks to Jerry for all of his assistance today.

Tom and Jerry - Golden Collection Volume 1

Tom and Jerry - Golden Collection Volume 1

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