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Tom and Jerry - 'Global Games' and 'Mouse Trouble' Coming to DVD

Single-disc and 2-disc packages are out in January and February

Posted by David Lambert
Besides today's news of Tom & Jerry shorts being included with Warner's February release of the Academy Award Animation Collection: Nominated Golden Gems, there are two more DVDs announced starring our favorite animated cat and mouse! On January 14th the studio will put out Tom and Jerry - Global Games, a single-disc item priced at $9.97 SRP and carrying these cartoons:
  1. Mucho Mouse
  2. It's Greek to Me-Ow
  3. Tomb It May Concern
  4. Zent out of shape
  5. You're Lion
  6. Kangadoofus
Then, on February 18th, Warner chases a 2-DVD set your way with the 30-cartoon collection called Tom and Jerry - Mouse Trouble, costing $19.97 SRP. Here's that much longer list of 'toons:
  1. Down and Outing
  2. Tee For Two
  3. Rock 'n' Rodent
  4. Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary
  5. Bad Day at Cat Rock
  6. Love Me, Love My Mouse
  7. Is There a Doctor in the Mouse?
  8. Hockey Schtick
  9. Little School Mouse
  10. Designs on Jerry
  11. Mouse Trouble
  12. Down Beat Bear
  13. Jerry and the Lion
  14. A Mouse in the House
  15. Prehisterics
  16. Jackhammered Cat
  17. Tomcat Superstar
  18. Little Big Mouse
  19. Cat Show Catastrophe
  20. Don't Bring Your Pet to School Day
  21. Cry Uncle
  22. Cat Got Your Luggage?
  23. Feeding Time
  24. Summer Squashing
  25. Salt Water Tabby
  26. The Invisible Mouse
  27. DJ Jerry
  28. Game of Mouse and Cat
  29. Zent Out of Shape
  30. Kitty Foiled
Special features for the latter, if any, are still "to be decided." Here's the package art for each of these:

Tom and Jerry - Global Games
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Tom and Jerry - Mouse Trouble
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