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Tin Man (mini-series) - There's No Place Like Home Video: Wizard of Oz Remake Scheduled For DVD

Sci Fi Channel's Reimaged Mini-Series Heads Home in March

Posted by David Lambert
Promotional Pictures from Tin Man
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One of the biggest television specials currently in the news - not only for entertainment-based news like our owners at at TV Guide, but even for mainstream news organizations like CNN - is the Sci Fi Channel's mini-series Tin Man. Based on L. Frank Baum’s first Oz book, you won't see the Dorothy and Toto you remember from the classic 1939 Wizard of Oz film. This new interpretation puts Zooey Deschanel in the role of "DG," a waitress who ends up in the Outer Zone (or "O.Z." for short). If you're trying to remember why you're familiar with Deschanel, then perhaps you've seen her near the end of the second season of Showtime's Weeds, or in her role as a teacher in Disney's Bridge to Terabithia. She's also been in Almost Famous, Elf and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Deschanel's D.G. is off to see the wizard, or rather the "Mystic Man" played by Richard Dreyfuss. Him you know from classic films like Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Mr. Holland's Opus (ironically, one '80s film on his resume is called Tin Men, about rival aluminum-siding salesmen). Along the way she collects companions including the title character, "Tin Man" Neal McDonough, who goes by the name of "Cain." McDonough was Borg-ified as "Lt. Hawk" in Star Trek: First Contact, voiced Dr. Banner in the 1996 animated Hulk series, was seen on TV in Boomtown and Medical Investigation, and in films like Minority Report and Flags of Our Fathers. Along with Glitch (the "scarecrow" character played by Alan Cumming of Goldeneye & X-Men 2) and Raw (the "lion" character played by Raoul Trujillo of Apocalypto), they must fight off the forces of the sorceress Azkadellia, played by Kathleen Robertson (who's probably best remembered for a longtime role as "Clare Arnold" in several seasons of Beverly Hills, 90210).

The 3-part mini-series just finished airing, and will be re-run beginning this coming Sunday. RHI Entertainment and distributor Genius plan to have the DVD in stores on March 11th. We can expect extensive extras on this release, which is planned to be boxed up in collectible packaging. Details of those extras, and what that box looks like, aren't available yet. But stay tuned, while we travel down the yellow brick road to get that for you!

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