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The Tick - The Tick vs. DVD Confusion: Is The First Season Complete Or Not? We Clear Up The Confusion!

Posted by David Lambert
When The Tick was was first announced for DVD, the August 29th release was called "The Belated 10th Anniversary Edition," the box art consisted of scenes captured from the animated series's first season, and the advertisement said that the DVDs contained "the most hilarious adventures from Season One"...indicating that it wasn't the complete season. Disney/Buena Vista made it crystal-clear when we asked: only 12 of the first season's 13 episodes would make it to that release.

By the end of May, we had the official word that the missing episode was "The Tick vs. The Mole-Men," episode 11. And that the reason for the episode not being included was "creative considerations" (the consideration in question having to do with a rights issue), and that the studio was working to include the episode on a future DVD set release of The Tick.

Then, roughly a month later, the folks at Disney/Buena Vista released changed cover art for this package, with a new title that calls it The Tick vs. Season 1. So what does that mean for the missing episode? Lots of fans, we've seen, thought that this meant that the set would get all 13 episodes from the first season after all. Heck, we leaned in that direction, though we weren't sure enough to say so. We just didn't know either way...and neither did anyone else. Except the studio, of course.

With the release date approaching fast, and fans and DVD news websites all feeling like they would get all 13 episodes in this set, we decided to call up Buena Vista and just ask them outright. Has the situation with the Mole-Men episode been cleared up?

No. This release will still have only 12 episodes, and the studio stands by their previous statement that they are working hard to clear "The Tick vs. The Mole-Men" for release on a future DVD set of The Tick...but it DEFINITELY will NOT be on The Tick vs. Season 1.

So why the box change? Because Tick creator Ben Edlund drew it especially for the DVD release, and the fans surely want that over the previously shown package art. Okay so why the title change? Because it is still the first season, albeit incomplete by a single episode, and the studio doesn't want consumers to mistakenly believe this is a simple "best of" set that makes no effort to follow the show's production order. It does...there's just an issue with a single episode, and they are dedicated to clearing that matter up, if at all possible.

What IS that issue? We frankly don't want to share it with the world, because it may jeopardize the situation, and put extra pressure on the parties working it out. Let's leave everyone alone and let them settle the matter, okay? One thing we WILL say about it, though: we've heard ridiculous rumors around the 'net that the hold-up is Cindy Crawford, who supposedly objects to a satire of herself in that episode, called "Mindy Moleford." No way. If you believe that, you couldn't be more wrong. It has nothing to do with her, or that character. Give Ms. Crawford more credit than that, okay? We're pretty sure she has a sense of humor, and can chuckle at herself.

The studio feels pretty good that this will get cleared up in time to be included on a future Tick DVD release as "the missing episode," or something like that. But rest assured, you won't get it with the first release this month. I know I'm still getting my copy, though, because this doesn't make the set worth passing on. Plus, I want to make sure the studio sees enough sales on this set to make them want to keep putting out more DVDs, until we get all the episodes. So bring it on, evil-doers! SPOON!!

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