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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - '87 Show DVD: More About The Cover Art

Posted by David Lambert
We've posted a LOT of news lately about the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and we don't want to keep bringing the subject up for just any old reason. However, we find that we need to set the record straight on the subject of the cover art. By now your eyes have darted down to the illustration, and it possibly looks familiar. We previously discussed that art as being seen in's listing for the upcoming TMNT (1987 series) release.

Back in this news report, we posted info that the studio had not provided that artwork, and that it didn't represent the final cover art of the product.

Well, the info we passed on wasn't entirely correct, as it turns out. Yesterday the Artisan arm of Lions Gate distributed new cover art for all of their planned April releases, and we have the TMNT art from that set. As it turns out, the art was IDENTICAL to what DVDEmpire presented, so we obviously owe an apology to that e-tailer. They must have gotten what they posted from the studio. Since they did, and then we did, then others will get it as well - both DVD news sites AND retailers. So expect to see more of that artwork...and probably pretty quickly, too. Here it is in a larger size than what DVDEmpire made available:

News Graphic

As it turns out, however, what is shown above most likely isn't going to be the final cover art, either. Note that it's missing key elements, such as the DVD logo on the front and the spine, studio logo on the front and/or spine, and perhaps a catalog number on the spine (often seen on product from this studio). Also not present is some sort of a subtitle on the cover to indicate that this is "The Original Miniseries" or "The First Season" or whatever will differentiate it from possible future releases of the 1987 series on DVD.

So the Lions Gate/Artisan IS distributing this artwork, but our judgement - based on the reasoning above, but moreso based on our communication just over a week ago with Lions Gate - is that this IS NOT the final version of the box we'll probably end up seeing on store shelves. According to our sources last week, we were told it wasn't finalized yet, and that it will be "sweeeeet."

We know they're busy putting the release together, but we'll try to touch base once more with our contacts at the studio, and get back to you as soon as possible. Stay tuned.

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