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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 7th Season to be Divided Into 4 Parts, Each With Bonus TMNT Action Figure: Box Art, Specs, Extras, Date

Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michaelangelo are all coming home - on DVD and as toys - this May

Posted by David Lambert
Back in early November we first told you that Lionsgate is preparing the 7th Season of the classic TMNT cartoon series for DVD release, and at the time we expected it in March. In early December, barely a month later, we followed up with the word that the DVD date had been pushed back to April 21st, and that it very much could still change from there. And it HAS changed. The new release date for everything we talk about below is now May 19th.

But the other interesting info we had in that follow-up report was that "there have been no fewer than *4* different UPC codes set up" by the studio for the seventh season on DVD. We now have learned what these various UPC codes are all about, and as we suspected, it has everything in the world to do with the 4 different Turtle characters. Here are the 4 different releases which Lionsgate is planning to put out in honor of the show's 25th Anniversary "Shellabration":
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Season 7, Part 1: The Leonardo Slice
    • It's party time, dudes! It's been 25 awesome years (whoa!) since four turtles fell into the sewers and were transformed into radical human- like creatures. Join the shell-ebration as the superhero turtles save the Eiffel Tower, stop a glacier meltdown, ride a wild tidal wave and much, much more in six outrageously exciting adventures!
    • Running Time: 132 minutes for 6 episodes
    • EXTRA: A Shellabration with Points of Articulation: A Look Back at the Most Turtletastic Toys
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Season 7, Part 2: The Michaelangelo Slice
      It's radical! Get ready for more totally tubular Turtle excitement! Whether they're battling monster sheep, sleuthing with Sherlock Holmes, or putting the freeze on a deadly heat ray, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles take adventure to the max in these seven shredding episodes.
    • Running Time: 154 minutes for 7 episodes
    • EXTRA: A Shellabration of the Turtles Creation: New Interviews with TMNT Creators
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Season 7, Part 3: The Donatello Slice
      Cowabunga! Can the Turtles stop a dangerous threat from Dimension X? Will Shredder and Krang activate the dreaded Technodrome? Has Donatello lost his senses - for good? Grab some pizza and find out all the answers in these action-filled adventures starring everyone's favorite kung-fu fighting turtles!
    • Running Time: 154 minutes for 7 episodes
    • EXTRA: A Shellabration of the TV Sensation: New Interviews with the Hit Show's Creative Team
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Season 7, Part 4: The Raphael Slice
      Bodacious! Hang on for an awesome adventure ride as the Turtles face some of their gnarliest challenges yet - a vengeful fly who wants to change all humans into insects; a Mutant Hunter who's targeted the Turtles; an army of explosive robots and more - in this bodacious collection every Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan will love.
    • Running Time: 154 minutes for 7 episodes
    • EXTRA: A Shellabration of a Fan-Nomenon Sensation: Devoted and Die-Hard TMNT Fans Speak!
Wow, it sounds like a lot to take in, eh? Lionsgate will tell retailers that "to celebrate the 25th anniversary, all 27 episodes from Season 7 will be available for the first-time ever on DVD, with a Classic 1980's Turtle Action Figure included with each set! There will be 4 separate DVDs, which each offer a different slice of Season 7 episodes, and feature a specific turtle on the cover. When you collect all 4 DVDs they fit together to create one scene on the shelf!"

What will those packages look like? Well, Lionsgate - who hasn't publicly announced ANY of the info above (so take it with a grain of salt, as it's still subject to change) - has not provided box art for these releases yet. However, this past weekend saw the New York Comic Con take place in the Big Apple, and we've had many readers (thanks to each of you!) write in to say that they saw preview packages for each of these over there at the Con. It wasn't Lionsgate showing them off, though. It was the folks at Playmates, who make the TMNT action figures which you see in the toy sections at various stores. They'll be the ones providing the pack-in figures mentioned above, and so they brought the packaging to their event.

One website that covered that demonstration was, and they have lots of pictures posted for Playmates' latest round of action figures, and their packages (including some toys with bonus pack-in DVDs) sure to head over and check it out! Our thanks specifically to our longtime friend Dan Hernandez for being the first to tip us off about that gallery. It has some great shots of the Season 7 packages, and we hope ToyArk doesn't mind that we bring you some modified shots of that box art. Please head over there, using the link just above, to see the original photos!

Pricing for each title is not available yet (but we expect it to be low, considering that each release is likely to be a single disc). We do know that they will all be in full screen video, with English 2.0 audio, and with the running times and bonus material mentioned above for each title. Will there be an "all-in-one" package with everything available together? There's been no word on that so far, either from our industry sources or out at the NY Comic Con. Stay tuned for updates to our story, though, about this amazing 4-part 25th Anniversary DVD event!

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