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Tarzan - Now Available on DVD: All 3 Seasons of the 1991 Syndicated Series!

Wolf Larson stars with Lydie Denier's Jane, along with Cheetah the chimp!

Posted by David Lambert
    Based on the Tarzan stories written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, this version of the iconic story features Wolf Larson in the lead role of Tarzan and the beautiful Lydie Denier in the role of Jane. Discouraged by civilization, Tarzan returns to the jungle where he grew up. The classic characters of Cheetah the chimp and Tantor the elephant also star!

    This is an action-packed 1991 family series featuring Tarzan fighting environmental villains, including animal poachers, filmed entirely on location in the lush tropical jungles of Mexico. Developed by Max Keller and Micheine Keller. 3 seasons of 25 episodes each.
The syndicated show from the '90s starring Wolf Larson and Lydie Denier is now available on DVD! All three seasons were released November 15th as MOD (manufacture on demand) titles, priced at $34.95 SRP per season. Each season set comes on 3 discs with 25 episodes, with all 75 episodes of the show's run available to own right now.

It's not available in local retailers, though, and so far it's not for sale at Amazon either. However, MOD manufacturer Allied Vaughn's own MovieZyng online store is carrying all three titles, and at a slight discount, too! They ship for just $1 (see details at their website), and they can ship outside of the U.S.A. (great news for our international readers!). Here are the links: Each title is presented in the original 1.33:1 full frame video aspect ratio, and with English Dolby 2.0 audio. Our thanks to one of our readers, "Carl," for first making us aware of these items. Here are the front covers for each box:

Tarzan - The Complete 1st Season
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Tarzan - The Complete 2nd Season
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Tarzan - The Complete 3rd Season
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