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Survivor - 'Season 19: Samoa' Cover Art; 'Season 21: Nicaragua' In-the-Works

MOD releases for both of these seasons are in-the-works, and up for pre-order!

Posted by David Lambert
    SURVIVOR: NICARAGUA! The twenty-first season features a location where ancient rainforests battle for survival against some of the world's youngest volcanoes. Fittingly, this season's 20 castaways are divided into two tribes by age, with 30 years old and younger on La Flor and 40 years old and older on Espada. That makes this season youth vs. experience that includes legendary coach, Jimmy Johnson.

    These tribes show age is just a number when shoes are stolen at Espada while socks are stolen at La Flor. With tempers flaring, the young castaways struggle to overcome some potentially dangerous personality conflicts. A battle erupts when one castaway pushes her tribemate who has a prosthetic leg to gain a clue to the hidden immunity idol. For the first time, these clues are given with pictures, not words. A surprise tribal swap ends the generation gap, as newly formed tribes find some making new allies and others losing theirs.

    Emotions run high as the elements and the reality of the game set in. With alliances and determination put to the test, some question their place in the game. Find out each castaway's fate and watch as they battle it out of the chance to be crowned sole survivor and win the million dollar prize on DVD.
Last Wednesday we reported that Survivor - Season 19: Samoa is in-the-works for DVD, as a manufacture on demand release that you can pre-order now from Amazon's CreateSpace program. In our write-up we also pointed out that Season 20: Heroes vs. Villians has been available on DVD for more than 3 years now. So this time, when CBS and Amazon/CreateSpace release the 19th contest, they're pairing it up with an MOD release for Survivor - Season 21: Nicaragua. Like Samoa, it's in-the-works but has no release date yet, with Amazon's pre-order listing merely saying, "This title has not yet been released. You may pre-order it now and we will deliver it to you when it arrives." But they DO tell you to expect a 6-DVD set, priced at $34.95 SRP, and which comes with these extras:
Our thanks to readers Joshua Spaulding and Francine Benoit Boileau for their help with this story. Here's the early cover art for both Survivor - Season 19: Samoa and Survivor - Season 21: Nicaragua on DVD (but keep in mind that this might be early art, and could be subject to change):

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Survivor - Season 19: Samoa

Survivor - Season 21: Nicaragua

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