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Superboy (AKA The Adventures of Superboy) - Before Smallville, before Lois & Clark, there was Superboy!

Posted by David Lambert
At long last Warner seems to be bringing out DVDs of Superboy, the 1988 syndicated series (renamed "The Adventures of Superboy" in 1990). Here at TVShowsOnDVD, we've gotten e-mails from readers for years saying that DVDs of this show were already available, but as we told everybody in private responses the DVDs in question - no matter who was selling them - were bootlegs, having no authority from the property-owners to be sold. Now, at long last, the "Superman Homepage" website is reporting that this show is officially coming to DVD from Warner Home Video and with the blessings of the Salkinds, who co-produced the show, and of Viacom, who distributed the show in first-run syndication.

The show's first season starred John Haymes Newton as the Boy of Steel, Clark Kent, who - unlike in Smallville - actually wore the cape and tights as he flew around defeating bad guys like Lex Luthor and saving the life of a true-to-the-comics red-headed Lana Lang. Lang was played by Stacy Haiduk (SeaQuest DSV), who was the only main first-season cast member to last the entire four-season run of the show. The actors who played Superboy, Lex Luthor and T.J. White (son of Daily Planet editor Perry) were all let go after the first season.

The report at the Superman Homepage says that most of them finally reunite, though, for DVD extras. Newton, Haiduk, Jim Calvert ("T.J. White") and Ilya Salkind got together recently for recording bonus material for the set, according to Salkind quotes in the article. Look for commentary tracks with Salkind and Newton on at least the first episode, plus featurettes with them and the other two.

Salkind is said to hint at a release timeframe to tie in with the big-screen debut of the new film, Superman Returns. Warner has not formally announced the title, though, so stay tuned and we'll keep you informed with updates and developments. Read the entire article at The Superman Homepage for more information in the meantime. Our thanks to the writer of that article, Barry M. Freiman, for e-mailing us to let us know it was posted.

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Superboy (AKA The Adventures of Superboy)

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