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Silicon Valley
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Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye - Release date for The Complete Series (AND for individual Volumes 2-5)

Available online only at the show's official DVD website this coming Tuesday

Posted by David Lambert
We reported at the end of March that ALL of the remaining episodes of Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye will be coming to DVD this month, May. And we said there would be several different ways to purchase them:
  • Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye - Volume 2 set, Volume 3 set, Volume 4 set and Volume 5 will be sold individually. These, along with the already-available Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye - Volume 1 set (11 episodes), will consist of the show's ENTIRE 3-season run.
  • For fans who haven't purchased the first DVD release yet, all five volumes will be available in one collection of Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye - The Complete Series, to get everything at once.
  • For those who have already purchased Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye - Volume 1 prior to May 1st (it's been available since last November), you are eligible to purchase a special "completer" set of Volumes 2-5, banded together, and specially meant to finish off your collection. By "eligible," we were told it means this: "they can then buy the completer set at a special price for a limited time; after that limited time, they will still be able to buy the completer set, but they won’t get the same deal (on pricing)."
When will these all be available? Earlier today the powers-that-be revealed the date for the first time, announcing it at their official Facebook page. The date is May Tuesday! As a reminder, none of these will be availble for sale in stores: it is exclusively sold through the official sellers' website. You can only purchase these in the USA through the website or their distributors at Integrity Direct, and in Canada by calling 1-800-682-8748.

Package art and pricing for these various options aren't available yet. We're trying to get this info for you as soon as possible, but right now there is the possibly that we won't have that until next Tuesday, the day the DVDs are available to begin ordering and shipping. They are trying to work it all into a website redesign to coincide with the launch of the new titles, so there's a reluctance to part with the packaging ahead of time. We'll keep working on convincing them, though, so stay tuned!

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