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The Story of Math (mini-series) - Upcoming DVD of the U.K. Program Includes Bonus Mini-Series 'Music of the Primes'

Coming from Athena/Acorn at the end of March

Posted by David Lambert
    Math made accessible, engaging, and relevant: how numbers explain our universe and reveal unseen worlds.

    Mathematics forms the foundation for nearly everything we do - from finance to physics, and architecture to astronomy. Math not only describes our world, but also reveals its beauty and mystery. Join Marcus du Sautoy and a host of distinguished experts as they crisscross the globe, bringing the colorful history of numbers to life.

    Meet the men and women who conceived major mathematical breakthroughs and explored the farthest frontiers of abstract thought, often with tragic results. Learn how their discoveries still drive technology, science, and even philosophy. Using computerized visuals and healthy doses of humor, Du Sautoy makes the most complex concepts accessible and engaging. With contagious enthusiasm and boundless energy, he shows that math isn't merely about making calculations, but also about finding patterns that expose the hidden relationships in our universe.
Athena, a label of Acorn Media, has announced the March 30th DVD release of the U.K. educational mini-series, The Story of Math, which first aired on BBC Four in 2008. This 3-disc set is presented in widescreen video, English stereo sound, and with English subtitles. Running time is 232 minutes for 4 episodes ("The Language of the Universe," "The Genius of the East," "The Frontiers of Space" and "To Infinity and Beyond") hosted by the Oxford professor and winner of the London Mathematical Society's Berwick Prize, Marcus du Sautoy. He also contributes regularly to The Times and The Guardian (U.K.), has presented many TV and radio programs, and has authored numerous books, including Symmetry. Cost is $59.99 SRP in the USA, and CA$74.99 SRP in Canada.

In addition to the main program, you'll also get a 20-page viewer's guide that includes highlights, questions to consider, avenues for further learning, a glossary, a profile of the Pythagorean religious movement, and an explanation of proofs. On-disc extras include biographies of influential mathematicians, "and more." Plus there is a Bonus DVD, 78 minutes long, with a bonus 2005 documentary titled "The Music of the Primes." This extra 3-episode mini-series explores how the 19th-century German mathematician Bernhard Riemann proposed a hypothesis "that has since stumped the world," how in the 20th century attempts to prove the Riemann hypothesis tragically claimed two great minds (G.H. Hardy and Srinivasa Ramanujan), and how advances in computer technology and insights into how atoms behave make proving Riemann's hypothesis seem tantalizingly close...yet still elusive. Very intriguing! Here's the package art:

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The Story of Math

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The Story of Math (mini-series)

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