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Stingray - 3D Package Art, Details, Earlier Date for Mill Creek's Complete Series DVDs

The Stephen J. Cannell series zooms into stores on January 18th

Posted by David Lambert
    When All Hope is Lost, He is a Good Man to Find. When You Can’t Call the Cops...Call Stingray!

    STINGRAY, starring Nick Mancuso, is an enigmatic adventurer with no traceable past, who travels from place to place fighting crime and helping people in trouble. He refuses to be paid for his services; however, those seeking his assistance must promise him a favor. Sometime in the future, Ray will come to them and ask to collect on that favor, giving them some task that is often arduous and/or dangerous. The title of the show comes from the vintage Corvette Stingray that Ray drives.

    First time available on home video in the US! The short-lived, but much-loved Stephen J. Cannell action drama series makes its U.S. DVD debut. All 25 action-packed episodes are now available in this 5 DVD collection starring Nick Mancuso as Ray, the illusive stranger who helps people in need...not for money, but for favors that must be repaid, no matter what.

    STARRING Nick Mancuso (Under Siege 2). GUEST-STARRING James Handy (Unbreakable, The Rocketeer), Barbara Williams (They Come At Night), Doug Savant (Desperate Housewives), Ray Wise (Reaper, Twin Peaks), Robert Vaughn (Hustle. Bullitt), John Amos (Die Hard 2), Jeff Conaway (Grease, Taxi), Patricia Wettig (thirtysomething), Susan Blakely (The Towering Inferno), Shannon Tweed (Gene Simmons Family Jewels), Lori Petty (Booker), Kurtwood Smith (That 70’s Show), Steven Williams (21 Jump Street), Marcia Strassman (Welcome Back Kotter), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Airplane!), and more!
Back in mid-October we reported that Mill Creek Entertainment has been working on an official-for-the-USA release of Stingray - The Complete Series on DVD. At the time we spoke of an early February release, but that's since changed...and for the better! The set, now on 5 discs, will cost $14.98 SRP and arrives on January 18th. Here's a high-res 3D look at the packaging, courtesy of Mill Creek:

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Stingray - The Complete Series
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