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Steve Canyon - Defective Disc 1 Issue is Fixed for the 'Volume 3' DVDs

If you have a defective disc, replacements are available. If you were holding off on your purchase, you can now buy with confidence: you'll get a working set!

Posted by David Lambert
We reported back at the end of July that the long-awaited copies of Steve Canyon - The Complete TV Series, Volume 3 on DVD had arrived, and were beginning to ship out to customers who had pre-ordered the title as far back as 2009 (following the release of the middle volume of the trilogy). We missed hearing about it here, but within a couple of weeks of that report the Steve Canyon On DVD blog had a new post explaining that some copies (NOT all of them, by any stretch!) had a defect on Disc 1, and how to determine if your copy is affected. John Ellis, the man who has been personally behind this DVD effort on behalf of the Milton Caniff Estate (Caniff is the creator of the Steve Canyon character, and the Estate is the rights-holder for the property), posted word on how to request a replacement Disc 1.

Since then, a new run of that disc - which fixes the issue - has been manufactured, and replacement copies are being sent out to those who have alerted John about having received a defective DVD. John is also ensuring that new copies being sent out of Steve Canyon - The Complete TV Series, Volume 3 contain the working version of Disc 1, so if you newly purchase a copy of this title now, you can BUY WITH CONFIDENCE.

And we hope you DO buy. John has been working VERY hard now, for years, to bring Steve Canyon to DVD in a quality manner, and has done an outstanding job of making this happen. He's personally taking responsibility for the situation with the defective discs, and in the process he's dug himself into a bit of a financial hole. Some of you may be thinking, "well...that's not my problem." But you may at least want to read John's latest blog post from this morning, see what he has to say, and you may decide that you can help in any case. Maybe even just by purchasing Volume 3 when and if you haven't done so yet. Again, you can buy with confidence.

Kudos to John Ellis for all of his amazing and tireless work on this effort of bringing a classic TV show to DVD, and for standing behind that work.

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Steve Canyon - The Complete TV Series, Volume 3
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Steve Canyon - The Complete TV Series, Volume 3
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