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Steve Canyon - A Long-Awaited Update About 'The Complete TV Series, Volume 3' on DVD!

After numerous obstacles have been overcome, the next set is back on track

Posted by David Lambert
It's been since January 2010 - well over a year! - since our last report was posted about Steve Canyon - The Complete TV Series, Volume 3 on DVD...a title which has obviously missed the "Spring 2010" timetable. At last the man behind these releases, John Ellis, has been able to post an updateat the Steve Canyon DVD Blog. Please click that link for the full update in John's own words, but we'll try to hit the highlights for you here.

John starts by pointing out that "THE COMPLETE STEVE CANYON ON TV Volume 3 is ALIVE AND WELL," despite the long silence on the part of the blog. He explains that by saying that this was "due to a few technical glitches here on our website (involving images and media files) which are now gladly a thing of the past." For the DVD delay itself, he informs that "There have been problems, mostly annoying, some possibly avoidable, some not...and NONE fatal." He wants fans to know that "Volume 3 IS COMING but is regrettably still a few months away. Announcement of the release date is forthcoming."

For customers who have pre-ordered the title and are getting understandably impatient, John has this to say: "I recognize that some of you have been waiting a LONG time since you pre-ordered, and that it may seem ludicrous BUT this is an unusual project, totally underfunded...and I want to remind everyone once again that this is not a throw-away product to us, not only is it a labor of love, but also a one-man just takes time and lots of it." John concludes: "Think about this: Your pre-orders are what are making this possible! I consider that we are all in this together, shipmates on a journey...with the final destination just ahead!"

As for content, John relays that he's rescheduled several interviews which had needed to be postponed due to "extreme weather, distance and health issues," with Dean Frederick's family and with celebrity regulars and guest stars such as James Drury (The Virginian). He also passes along word of what he describes as an amazing find: "We recently uncovered a treasure trove of information about the filming of the series through the kindness of director Walter Grauman, Chris Soldo and USC's Ned Comstock. Mr. Grauman had donated his directing notes and papers to USC and Mr. Soldo put me in touch with Mr. Comstock at USC (as he was aware of some Steve Canyon materials that were included in Walter's donation). Ned went on a hunt within USC's archive that was both above and beyond the call of duty, and which netted us not only Walter's extensive notes for the seven episodes he directed (and dozens of heretofore unseen newspaper clippings related to the show) but also the 'daily production reports' for nearly every episode in the series!"; you'll find this info used heavliy in the Volume 3 DVD's making-of documentary. Very sweet!

John hopes to update the blog on a weekly basis. Now, here we of course have to cover every other TV show as well, so we're not sure if we'll be updating you *quite* that often! But stay tuned and we'll make sure you're in-the-know as often as it makes sense.

Steve Canyon - The Complete TV Series, Volume 3

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