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Steve Canyon - Update About Bonus Material Recorded for the Steve Canyon - Volume 1

Gilligan's 'Professor' and Happy Days' 'Mrs. C.' record commentaries

Posted by David Lambert
A couple of weeks ago we reported the first info about bonus material for the November 18th release of Steve Canyon - The Complete TV Series, Volume 1 on DVD. At the time we said that the show's Music Composer/Orchestrator/Conductor, Nathan Scott, would record material for the extras. Now, the folks at the Steve Canyon DVD blog have posted some new updates recently, talking about the interviews and commentary tracks they've recorded for the DVDs. They've confirmed that tracks with Nathan Scott, AND with his family ("including Daughter Linda Colley and son Tom Scott, who is a famous musician and composer in his own right"), have now been recorded for both commentary (on "Operation Thunderbirds") and for a separate featurette on the first release.

We hinted in our previous story "that a certain 'Professor' may also have something happening," and that DID happen! Russell Johnson, who famously played "The Professor" on Gilligan's Island, recorded a commentary track for his guest appearance on the Steve Canyon episode "Project Heartbeat." Another famous TV star, Marion Ross ("Mrs. Cunningham" on Happy Days), recorded a commentary track for her guest appearance in "Operation Zero Launch." The episode, in which Ross played a girlfriend of Canyon's, will be included on this release in a different print than the one included for this same episode on the previous "sampler" DVD release.

Other people who have come in to record bonus material for this release include actor Morgan Woodward (who may best be remembered these days a "Punk Anderson" in Dallas, or in the classic Star Trek episodes "Dagger of the Mind" and "The Omega Glory"). He recorded commentary for "Operation Towline." A track for "Operation Firebee" was recorded by John Nitka, described as an author and educator whose father worked on the real-life USAF Firebee Target Drone program. Also recording multiple tracks was aviation film historian James H. Farmer, who will have lots of interesting things to say, we're sure!

More pics of the final packaging are promised to be available soon, so stay tuned for that! In the meantime, hurry over to the blog and place your pre-order, because this release won't be available in stores.

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