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Steve Canyon - Poll-Winning Cover Art, List of Episodes & First Hint of Extras

The Complete TV Series, Volume 1 will begin shipping on November 18th

Posted by David Lambert
A week and a half ago we reported about the survey asking fans to help out decide which version of the cover art for Steve Canyon - The Complete TV Series, Volume 1 on DVD should be used. The results are in about this November 18th online-only release, and the "yellow logo" version shown below has won the day! At the same time as they announced this, the folks at the Steve Canyon DVD blog have also posted some new details concerning the contents of the first release. Here's what you'll get:
  1. "Operation Towline" (Episode #1)
  2. "Operation Zero Launch" (Episode #3)
  3. "Operation Thunderbirds" (Episode #2)
  4. "Project Heartbeat" (Episode #4)
  5. "Fear of Flying" (Episode #7)
  6. "Operation Jettison" (Episode #5)
  7. "Project U.F.O." (Episode #32)
  8. "Pilot Error" (Episode #12)
  9. "Operation Moby Dick" (Episode #8)
  10. "Operation Survival" (Episode #6)
  11. "Operation Diplomat" (Episode #14)
  12. "Operation Firebee" (Episode #34; the final episode aired)
Why are these being shown so wildly out of airdate order? Because, as John Ellis explains over at the Steve Canyon DVD blog, this is the original PRODUCTION order, and the continuity that was envisioned for the show - which admittedly isn't much - is based around these stories being told in this order.

Among the guest stars in these stories are Marion Ross (Happy Days), Burt Metcalfe (Producer/Director for M*A*S*H), Russell Johnson (Gilligan's Island), Tige Andrews (The Mod Squad), DeForest Kelley (Star Trek) and Martin Milner (Adam-12). We've been told that the show's Music Composer/Orchestrator/Conductor, Nathan Scott, will be recording bonus material for the release. We've also heard rumors that a certain "Professor" may also have something happening...but we're a "heartbeat" away from confirming that yet.

There's more info coming down the runway for this release, so stay tuned and we'll keep you updated! Here's that winning cover art:

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