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Stargate SG-1 - Where's Season 9, and what about the slim packaging?

Posted by Gord Lacey
This is a news item explaining why there hasn't been any Stargate news lately (news about non-news), but we hope you'll get something out of it anyway.

Fans have been emailing us about two Stargate-related items; season 9, and the possibility of obtaining the slim packaging to replace the bulky sets that were released. Both these items are connected to a major event that took place a few weeks ago; MGM moved their distribution from Sony to Fox. Sony became the distributor of MGM titles when they purchased the company last year, but MGM apparently had the ability to switch distributors if they felt it would benefit the company. They took a vote and decided to move distribution over to Fox, and away from Sony. Now there's a lot of work to be done at both companies since Fox will have to take a look at the titles MGM had on the schedule and evaluate whether they have to be pushed back, or whether they can be released on time. We don't know if Stargate season 9 was on the schedule at Sony, but it'll take a bit of time for Fox to get up to speed; they're just starting to meet and discuss the MGM titles.

When we posted news about the slim sets coming out we also made mention of a possible plan for customers that have the larger packaging to obtain the slimmer packaging. I was spearheading that push, and had discussed the idea with people at Sony. Obviously that has changed since Sony no longer distribubtes the MGM titles, so I've started exploring the possibility with the people at Fox. It's a bit difficult right now as they have a lot on their plate, but I'll keep pushing for it, posting any updates to the site. If you can't find an update on the progress posted here then it just means there's nothing to report yet, it doesn't mean I've given up. Stargate takes up an entire bookcase shelf, and I'd love to free up some of the room for the piles of DVDs on my floor.

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