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Stargate: Atlantis - Complete 1st Season announced! Is It really complete? We discuss that, plus the extras & box art!

Posted by David Lambert
A couple of weeks ago we passed along a report that Stargate: Atlantis - The Complete 1st Season was being planned for a November 15th release date, in a 5-DVD box set going for $59.95 SRP. This morning Sony/MGM has formally announced the title, and provided the full-size cover art that you see below.

The pilot episode, "Rising," has already been available on DVD since this past June, and it hasn't been clear to fans if it will therefore be included in this season set as well, and the studio's announcement this morning didn't say one way or the other. But the running time of 873 minutes that was provided with the offcial info this morning makes it sound like it's probably included: there's 20 "broadcast hours" (the 2-hour pilot plus 18 regular episodes) of the complete first season. 873 รท 20 = 43.65 minutes per episode, and that's roughly what we see from actual story on each broadcast (minus commercials), right? Since the running time of the separate "Rising" DVD is listed as 88 minutes, that tends to confirm that 44 minutes covers each "broadcast hour" of this show. Not to mention that Sony/MGM is calling this DVD set the "Complete" first season (although TV-DVD consumers would argue that studios use that word WAY too loosely).

However many episodes are on this set, fans are also wanting to know what sort of bonus material to expect. We've learned that this release will have interviews, some behind-the- scenes featurettes, a photo gallery, and commentary tracks by the cast and crew. We've try to get more details on those, plus word on whether or not "Rising" is included or not, in the near future. Stay tuned.

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