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Star Trek - Even More Coolness for 'TOS' Season 2 and Season 3 Blu-rays

More Easter Eggs for the already-out second season, and a limited bonus item for the upcoming 3rd Season BDs

Posted by David Lambert
Earlier this month we revealed that there are Easter Eggs to be found on this past Tuesday's release of Star Trek - Season 2 for high-def Blu-ray Disc. In our report we said there were "at least a dozen" (i.e., 12), and as it turns out there are a bit more than that. The word we've gotten is that this Sept. 22nd release actually has 2 Easter Eggs (hidden bonus features) per disc!

One of them on each disc is supposed to be fairly easy to find, using normal menu-based Easter Egg search methods (we won't give the exact method away here, because we don't want to spoil it for anyone). The other Eggs are trickier to get to, though, because they require you to use your remote control to input an "access code." Each code is a 4-digit number, and we've been given a list of hints for what those numbers are going to be. Many Trekkies will find several of these clues to be easy to decipher, but even so there should be a couple of head-scratchers in there:
  • Disc 1 - Real-world year that Star Trek first aired on TV
  • Disc 2 - The first year of the historic five-year mission of the USS Enterprise
  • Disc 3 - Spock's Birth Year
  • Disc 4 - The original air date of "The Trouble With Tribbles"
  • Disc 5 - Number found on the hull of the Enterprise
  • Disc 6 - The year Shakespeare died (referring to "By Any Other Name")
  • Disc 7 - Year the crew time-travels to in "Assignment Earth"
If figuring those out is too hard, and you don't want to look up the answers, then don't worry...we've got them for you. You'll find them printed upside-down in slightly smaller text (actually a graphic of the text), found down at the bottom of this story below the package art illustration we've provided. Which package? The Star Trek - Season 3 Blu-ray Disc release.

"3"? Yeah, the upcoming high-def Season 3 release, scheduled for December 15th. You see, we've also got a new tidbit about that release at well. We've told you about all the bonus material that will be found on that 6-BD set, including word of not one but two bonus pilot of them a rare alternate cut of Where No Man Has Gone Before (you can find samples of that cut by searching on YouTube, by the way, if you really can't wait for this Blu-ray release to see it).

Today, though, we've got word of yet another goodie that you'll find inside the Season 3 box! CBS/ Paramount has alerted retailers about it using this description: "For a limited time, sets will include an exclusive free offering in Atari's Star TrekĀ® on-line game. Each set will include an insert that includes a unique code that will allow game players to outfit their avatar in an exclusive Admiral's outfit available only with this offer." Sounds cool for anybody who's playing that on-line Trek game. If that's you, be sure to get one of the early printings of this release, which will include the offer.

How can you make sure of that? Well, we're also pleased to let you know today that Star Trek - Season 3 on Blu-ray Disc is now up for pre-order at Amazon (see button link below), so be sure to lock in your copy. Note that, as always, if you pre-order now but Amazon's discounted price goes down by the time the set ships in December, then you'll only be charged the lower price. And as you know, Amazon tries to stay pretty competitive; the Season 2 set listed there is on sale at the time of this writing for $59.99 (which is 54% off the SRP...but remember that it is subject to change without notice, at Amazon's discretion). Jump on it!

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Star Trek - Season 3 on Blu-ray Disc

Easter Egg answers for Star Trek - Season 2 on Blu-ray

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