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Star Trek - Rumors Reach Our Ears About Hi-Def 2nd Season Release Timeframe

Anonymous Retail Resources Give Us The Skinny!

Posted by David Lambert
With the November 20th release of Star Trek: The Original Series - Season 1 (HD DVD & DVD Combo) just a bit over a month away, fans are wondering how long it will be before the second season of remastered-for-hi-def episodes comes to home video.

The original show's 2nd Season featured some of the fan-favorite classic episodes, including "Amok Time" (featuring the Spock-in-heat vs. Kirk fight, to the death, on Vulcan), "Mirror, Mirror" (Kirk and others meet a bearded Spock in an alternate universe), "The Doomsday Machine" (the Enterprise fights a planet-eating machine), "Journey to Babel" (where we meet Spock's parents, Amanda and Ambassador Sarek), "The Trouble With Tribbles" (often voted among the most popular episodes by casual fans), "A Piece of the Action" (where Kirk and Spock face a prime directive issue with a planet full of Chicago-type gangsters), "The Ultimate Computer" (a story about the perils of computer automation and artificial intelligence) and "Assignment: Earth" (an attempt to spin off a new show; guest-starring Robert Lansing and Teri Garr).

Well, word is beginning to reach some of our friends in the retail world that the studio is putting together plans for the second season on HD DVD. Right now a release date does not seem to be finalized, but the timeframe we're hearing falls into the Mid-March to Early April range. No word yet on any details, such as extras or cost or box art; it's still a bit too far away for that yet. But stay tuned and we'll keep you informed!

For those of you not familiar with the entire "remastered-for-hi-def" thing, the plan is best explained at, where they describe it as "New presentations of (the) classic episodes featur(ing) pristine images and new digital visual effects." Here are a couple of examples, from "Amok Time" and "The Doomsday Machine." The old special effects are on the left, the new ones are on the right:

Examples of Star Trek TOS Re-Mastered for Hi-Def
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