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Star Trek: Animated - The Animated Series is still on long range sensor, according to new rumor

Posted by David Lambert
The other day we posted an update on Star Trek: The Animated Series, which had been said to be in-the-works for DVD release, but official confirmation on that production was scarce. REALLY scarce. So we let everyone know that the status of this wasn't as clear-cut as dedicated fans would like, and that none of our sources could tell us that this was truly still on the sensor scans.

Well, better news now, my fellow Trekkies! It looks like our friends over at The Digital Bits have better sources than we do in regard to TAS. Here is what they posted yesterday in their Rumor Mill section:
    Finally today, there's been a lot of talk in the last couple of days regarding Star Trek: The Animated Series. Last June, our industry sources began hinting that The Animated Series might finally be released on DVD this year, concurrent with the recently announced release of Star Trek: Enterprise on DVD. Our sources are now telling us that the DVD release of The Animated Series has been pushed back to 2006. We've confirmed that it's definitely still planned, but it's now unlikely to arrive this year. Which is fine with most of you fans I'm sure. One Trek series on DVD a year is more than expensive enough. ;-)

2006? I can deal, can you? I know the advice I gave you the other day was to just forget about this release for now. And that's still good advice, because these plans The Bits talk about are so long-range, that there's no way to guarantee they'll come off for sure. But I discussed this Rumor Mill post intensely with the folks at The Bits, and I'm convinced that this info is worth passing on to our readers. In fact, it pretty much goes back to what we said the other day: "It's...possible that this release is indeed coming." Yes, it's possible. We've also learned from our conversation that we shouldn't feel secure in thinking that we know for a fact what company will put this release out, if it comes. ANYthing's possible. And no, I DON'T want Spock to calculate the odds...

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