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Star Trek: Animated - David Gerrold Interview Concludes; FASCINATING ST:TAS DVD info!

Posted by David Lambert
My lengthy interview with writer David Gerrold concludes with today's installment. Fans of Star Trek: The Animated Series were excited earlier this year when Gerrold (who wrote TOS's "The Trouble With Tribbles" and its TAS sequel, "More Tribbles, More Troubles") announced at his website that the animated series was in-the-works for DVD. Now he tells us that the folks who contacted him were not from Paramount studios! Find out who the lucky distributor seems to be, and find out, too, all about his short-lived time on Star Trek: The Next Generation and what drove him off the show. Also revealed is the way he REALLY got that cameo appearance on Deep Space Nine! Gerrold names names and tells it like it is, and you can read about it right here at!

Who is David Gerrold? David Gerrold is a magical name, both in the lists of television writers and among the authors of terrific science fiction. When those two worlds collide, you get some of the best Sci-Fi television episodes you could hope for. Gerrold started his career writing Star Trek's "The Trouble With Tribbles" episode, and went on to work in shows like Star Trek: Animated, Babylon 5, Sliders, The Real Ghostbusters, The New Twilight Zone, Logan's Run, and of course both versions of The Land of the Lost.

It has been my privilege to be aquainted with Mr. Gerrold for roughly fifteen years, but I can't claim that I've ever taken the time to really talk to him about his career. Late last month saw the DVD release of The Land of the Lost - The Complete 1st Season, a season that Gerrold both wrote for and was Story Editor on. With that release, and a film in-the-works for his multi-award-winning story The Martian Child, it seemed like the perfect time for me to get to know him better.

TVShowsOnDVD invites you along while I (News Director David Lambert), talk to David Gerrold for several hours on many subjects covering his past, present, and future. Land of the Lost fans are in for a real treat as the first part goes in-depth into his time working on the show. Star Trek fans will find a lot of interesting things to read in all three parts. And fans of his science fiction novels will be overwhelmed at the time he takes explaining his background, and you get a feel for where he comes up with all this great stuff!

  • Part 1 of the interview was posted Monday 7/26.
      In Part 1 of a 3-part interview, David Gerrold talks about why he doesn't write using his birth name, how his career got started on something called Star Trek, and tells us quite a bit about Land of the Lost.

  • Part 2 of the interview was posted Wednesday 7/28.
      In the 2nd part of our 3-part interview, David talks about his clash with the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate, his influences from Harlan Ellison & Theodore Sturgeon, and the adoption of his son Sean.

  • Part 3, concluding the interview, has just been posted!
      Our interview concludes as David discusses his television history, what REALLY happened to his participation on Star Trek: TNG, and we take a look at a library of DVDs that cover one TV writer's career.

Click here to read Part 3 of our David Gerrold Interview!

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