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Star Trek: Animated - Red Alert! Star Trek: The Animated Series Heading for DVD!

Posted by David Lambert
At the beginning of the year, we reported about's interest in whether or not fans wanted to see Star Trek: The Animated Series on DVD. It looks like the feedback was positive, because this DVD is in-the-works!

David Gerrold is well-known as the inventor of the Tribble, Quadrotriticale, and one of the most popular episodes of the original Star Trek series around, "The Trouble With Tribbles," among other contributions. Gerrold returned to the world of Star Trek in the very first spin-off of the series, 1973's Star Trek: The Animated Series, in which he wrote the follow-up story "More Tribbles, More Troubles" among others.

Now David reports at his own website about the upcoming release for DVD of another show he (and other Star Trek alumni) worked on: The Land of the Lost. While talking about that, he mentions great news about Star Trek: The Animated Series:
    Plans are also underway for a DVD box-set of Star Trek: The Animated Series, with commentaries from cast and writers.

To further validate this information, The Digital Bits has posted a Rumor Mill note that TAS and Star Trek: Enterprise are on-the-way to DVD according to their sources, and they mention Gerrold's website as a way to corroborate the TAS info.

Star Trek: The Animated Series has made it to home video before, despite some who claim otherwise. Besides episodes on VHS release, a LaserDisc release also made it out with the series:

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So a DVD hasn't been a far-fetched idea, especially now that concerns about the Filmation library have been resolved (Filmation handled the animation work on TAS).

So how far along is this? Well, the aforementioned commentaries are still being set up, and haven't been recorded yet. And though there is obvious interest in getting this in-stores by the holidays, Paramount already has a Trek-heavy schedule for the end of this year, what with Star Trek: TOS re-releases in season sets, and the rest of Voyager to release as well. It's most likely that The Digital Bits is correct, and that 2005 is the year that we'll see this compilation.

Stay tuned, of course, and we'll communicate with you quickly when more information becomes available. In the meantime, Star Trek fans should stay tuned later this month, because long-range sensors show that a interview is in-the-works with somebody connected with several of the Trek shows. We'll keep it something of a surprise for now, but it's going to happen soon!

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