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Star Trek - New Multi-DVD Set Provides 'Alternate Reality' Episodes from Each Trek Series

The Alternate Realities Fan Collective arrives this September

Posted by David Lambert
Paramount has released a number of Fan Collective DVD Sets, combining episodes from all 5 live-action Star Trek shows into one DVD package based on a common theme. So far those themes have included The Klingons, The Borg, The Q Continuum, the various Captains as a group ("Captain's Log"), Jean-Luc Picard by himself, and Time Travel-related episodes. Now Paramount is bringing us a new 5-disc collection of episodes from each of the five shows, this time surrounding a new theme: Alternate Realities.

The Star Trek: Alternate Realities Fan Collective DVD set "is a collection featuring bizarre and strange of episodes...see your favorite characters behaving contrary to type, in familiar but odd circumstances" (per studio-provided text). This 5-disc collection contains 20 episodes that run approx. 15 hours 18 minutes, plus contains exclusive special features. It materializes on September 16th.

The list of episodes hasn't been provided yet (though we can guess that the various "Mirror Universe" episodes from some of the shows are certain to be the first ones included!), but we do have specs that show that each episode will be provided in either Full Screen or in Widescreen, as appropriate to their original broadcast. Audio is English 5.1, Spanish Stereo, Portuguese Stereo, and subtitled in all three of those languages as well.

Box art isn't available yet, either, but we're on the lookout for it, and other info. Stay tuned for further details, as soon as they reach our pointy ears!

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