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Star Trek - Alternate Realities DVDs Includes Remastered Versions of TOS Episodes

The folks at DVDReview pass on word that this mid-Sept. release comes with a remastered 'Turnabout'

Posted by David Lambert
Back in early June we brought you the list of episodes for Paramount's September 16th DVD release of Star Trek: Alternate Realities, a 5-disc set that collects different stories from all the various live-action Star Trek programs. We wondered at the time if the original series episode "Turnabout Intruder" would be the remastered version, considering that this is from the 3rd season (in fact, the last episode ever aired) and that season hasn't been released on a remastered set so far. Now it looks like our friends at have gotten the answer:
    The recently announced box set Star Trek: Alternate Realities Fan Collective will have a surprising twist when it arrives from Paramount.

    Like previous Fan Collectives, the set will come with various themed episodes from the five Trek television series; in this case - alternate realities. But unlike previous sets, this set offers something... well.... alternate. The episodes from The Original Series (Mirror, Mirror, The Alternative Factor, The Enemy Within and The Turnabout Intruder) will be the newly restored versions created by CBS-Digital with new effects and cleaned up video.

    This is not only the first time that a set has included the remastered episodes, but will be the first time The Turnabout Intruder will be available remastered on DVD. The interesting question becomes whether Paramount is planning to phase out the original versions of the series for all future DVD releases.
Very interesting info! Our thanks to the folks over there for that report, and also to reader "Keir" for tipping us off about the post over there.

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