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Speed Racer - Is This The End For Speed Racer?

Posted by David Lambert
In April 2003, Artisan (now part of Lionsgate) released Speed Racer - Collector's Edition, a DVD with 11 episodes of the classic cartoon packaged in a special "rubber tire tread" box. In May 2004, 12 more episodes followed with Speed Racer - Collector's Edition Vol. 2, in a package that played the theme song from the show and had headlights that lit up. A year later, in May 2005, Lion's Gate (as it was spelled at the time) came through with Speed Racer - Collector's Edition Vol. 3, with 13 additional episodes packaged in a special round tin package that was decorated like a racing car wheel.

Now Lionsgate is prepping an "early" release (based on the annual schedule for April/May releases) of Speed Racer - Collector's Edition Vol. 4. March 14th is the day the 4th Volume roars onto store shelves...and could this be the end for Speed Racer?

There were 52 episodes in the run of the show, and on previous DVDs we got 11, 12, and 13 episodes respectively. That's 36 so far, leaving just 16 episodes left for Lionsgate to provide on DVD. It makes all the sense in the world that all 16 of them would be included on the Collector's Edition Vol. 4. However, the studio hasn't formally announced the set just yet, so we are just speculating...we don't really know at this time.

What we DO know is that this will go for $22.98 SRP, the same as the previous three releases. It is up for pre-order at right now, discounted to a $15.99 price. There's no other info there just yet, nor any pictures of the packaging, but stay tuned and we'll bring each of those things to you just as soon as we have them.

Here is the list of 16 episodes which have not appeared on the Artisan/Lionsgate-released DVDs so far:
  • The Terrifying Gambler
  • The Secret Invaders (Part 1)
  • The Secret Invaders (Part 2)
  • Man Behind the Mask
  • The Car Destroyer
  • The Desperate Racer
  • The Dangerous Witness
  • Race the Laser Tank
  • Great Car Wrestling Match
  • Motorcycle Apaches
  • Car with a Brain
  • Junk Car Grand Prix
  • The Car in the Sky
  • The Trick Race
  • Race Around the World (Part 1)
  • Race Around the World (Part 2)

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