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Speed Racer - New DVD Release: Cover Art & All The Info

Posted by David Lambert
Last December we reported a May 18th street date for the second DVD release in the Speed Racer - Collector's Edition series.

This morning DVDEmpire confirms that date, with their new listing of that very DVD, now up for pre-order at their site. Here's the cover art:

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While we haven't gotten official info from the studio yet, DVDEmpire seems to have. They show a $22.98 list price for 12 episodes said to be "never before released on DVD" (a claim which actually cannot be true, since every Speed Racer episode ever made for USA broadcast was included on this long-gone limited-edition item...but we'll look the other way!).

DVDEmpire's listing shows 300 minutes of running time for those 12 episodes, but there was running time confusion with the previous release, which TVShowsOnDVD mentioned in the "Description" area of our Vol. 1 release listing, and we think this applies to the new release as well. Expect that actual running time to clock in closer to 287 minutes or thereabouts. DVDEmpire doesn't list the individual episodes, but if shown in broadcast order (like the previous release), then we should expect to see the following stories (list is courtesy of
  • Race for Revenge - Part 1
  • Race for Revenge - Part 2
  • The Desperate Desert Race - Part 1
  • The Desperate Desert Race - Part 2
  • The Fire Race - Part 1
  • The Fire Race - Part 2
  • Girl Daredevil - Part 1
  • Girl Daredevil - Part 2
  • The Fastest Car on Earth - Part 1
  • The Fastest Car on Earth - Part 2
  • Mach 5 vs. Mach 5 - Part 1
  • Mach 5 vs. Mach 5 - Part 2

The previous release had a limited-edition run of packaging that was made of rubber tire treads. So what gimmick did they come up with this time? According to DVDEmpire, and verified by the cover art above, this one's "Package Plays The Speed Racer Theme Song and Has Headlights That Light Up!" How cool...wonder how long the battery on that will last? Hurry and get yours soon, though, because DVDEmpire says "When they're gone...They're gone!"

Stay tuned, and if we get any more info about this release, we'll be sure to let you know. Go, Speed Racer...GO!

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