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Space: 1999 - A Long-Awaited Update About 'The Complete Season 2' on Blu-ray

Work needing to be done on the audio tracks pushes the set to a 2013/2014 timeframe

Posted by David Lambert
It's been 6 months now since our last update you readers about a high-def Blu-ray release of Space: 1999 - The Complete Season 2. That info came from our friend Bill Hunt, who runs The Digital Bits website. Today Bill posted a new update about this item, and we've got the full text of it for you below. In case you're in a "TL;DR" (too long; didn't read) mood today, we'll sum this up for you quickly: for the first season set on BD, Network (the U.K. studio which produced the release, distributed in North America by A&E/New Video) had it a little easier for those episodes because the audio tracks had already been digitized and it was easy to remix them to a 5.1 sound format. The studio hasn't been so lucky with the second season episodes: they still need this work done. It's not only a question of time to do the actual work, but a question of the cost for this work as well. But they still intend to get it done, and hope to have a Blu-ray Disc release of Space: 1999 - The Complete Season 2 available in Late 2013 or Early 2014, if all goes well. Our thanks to Bill Hunt for alerting us to this latest news! Here's the actual text of his report, with all the details:
    One other quick thing for you today: As it happens, I was invited to speak at the Alpha: 2012 convention in Burbank, CA over the weekend. The event is a celebration of all things related to Space: 1999. The point of my appearance was to offer fans of the show an update on the Blu-ray Disc release of Season Two. As many of you know, Season One was released on BD (by Network in the U.K. and New Video/A&E here in the States) back in 2010, but the second season has been MIA since then. Fortunately, with the help of our friends at all three companies (a big thank you, guys!), I've finally been able to learn exactly what's going on with the release and was able to share the details at the convention.

    Essentially, here's deal: When Network (which does all the production and remastering on the BDs under license with ITV) went to produce the Season One set, they discovered that all of the mag tracks (that make up the audio on the first season episodes) had already been digitized, so the company didn't have to take on the cost of doing it themselves in order to create new 5.1 audio mixes for each episode (in addition to the original mono). However, those tracks haven't been converted yet for Season Two and the high cost of digitizing this material has caused the budget for the BD production to become quite expensive. Network has informed me that they're definitely committed to releasing the season on Blu-ray and they're talking with ITV and New Video about the best way to make it happen affordably while ensuring that the set is of the same high quality as Season One. As with that set, Network will transfer all the episode film elements in full HD for remastering and hopes to find additional film material in the archives as well (outtakes and the like) that they'll also scan in HD for inclusion on the set. Of course, they again plan for the audio to be available in both 5.1 and the original mono. That said, the time needed to work out these details and complete the production properly means that Season Two will likely not street on BD until late next year or early 2014. In any case, rest assured that it's coming... just not right away. Adjust your plans accordingly.

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