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Space: 1999 - Blu-ray Plans Come to Light for the 2nd (and Final) Season on Blu-ray

Our friends at The Digital Bits reveal that A&E plans to release it later this year

Posted by David Lambert
Last month (December) saw the high-def Blu-ray Disc release of Space: 1999 - Season 1, the classic Gerry Anderson-produced sci-fi series from the '70s. Fans have quickly devoured this first season set, out of two which were produced. So when will we see Space: 1999 - Season 2 on Blu-ray? Yesterday our friends at The Digital Bits chimed in with word about that! Bill Hunt (who runs The Bits) passed along that "Much work remains, but the hope is that you might see it on store shelves by the end of the year."

Now, we've had a number of e-mails in the last day from readers who made sure we saw that post (and we thank each of you for taking the time to do that!). Some of you might be taken aback by that quote, because yesterday the same post over there gave a very specific date in the fall. Bill added an Editor's Note to the bottom of that write-up, which said this: "We removed the street date we posted last night, as it's apparently very tentative and still subject to change. The text has been updated to reflect the situation more accurately." He's going to keep an eye on this title for updates, and of course we'll do the same over here as well. Stay tuned for further developments!

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