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Smallville - Clark's Secret Is Out: 6th Season Street Date, Cost and Extras! **List of additional Extras Added**

Will It Be 'Justice' For Lex Luthor...Or Will He Finally Steal Clark's Gal?

Posted by David Lambert
What can you say about a season in which a young Clark Kent fights Phantom Zone escapees, goes to war with Lex Luthor, and teams up with Green Arrow, Aquaman, Impulse (Bart Allen, in comics later Kid Flash and then Flash), and Cyborg in an episode called "Justice"? If you were looking for Smallville to tie more - and, in some ways, less - into the classic DC Comics mythos, this was the season you got your wish. And boy, the way it ended!! Speaking for myelf, I had a good ride during the 6th season. And now we've got word from our retail friends to expect the 6-DVD set on September 18th. Cost will be $59.98 SRP, and here are the particulars that they oh-so-nicely sent over:
    They tried to be friends. But their chosen paths set them on a collision course. The Clark Kent-Lex Luthor rivalry explodes into the fierce good-versus-evil battle fans have long expected in Season 6 of the spectacular series that reinterprets the characters and events of Superman mythology from its roots.

    Adding to the rivalry: Lana Lang becomes Mrs. Luthor. Clark would be stunned to find out why she says yes. But that's not all that's stunning. Green Arrow forms a Super Hero league. Will Clark join? Phantom Zone escapees menace Earth. Can Clark stop them? LuthorCorp expands its dark experiments. Will an awesome kryptonite-powered army be the result? The answers - and thrills - are here!

    • Release timing tied to Season Seven premiere on the CW. DVD Franchise has sold over 3 million DVDs!
    • Includes all 22 episodes of the sixth season plus amazing extras that includes never-before-seen featurettes and deleted scenes.

Stay tuned and we'll bring you cover art just as soon as possible!

Update: has posted details on some of the extras for the set:
  • Ultimate Fan featurette
  • Green Arrow documentary
  • Oliver Queen Chronicles "mobisodes" and Justice & Doom likely to appear as well
Visit for more information on the featurettes.

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