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Smallville - 4th Season extras will include great Lois Lane retrospective!

Posted by David Lambert
A few days ago the folks over at the Superman Homepage website posted some terrific news about a great extra that's in the works for Smallville - The Complete 4th Season DVD set, along with a timeframe as to when we'll see that set released. Here it is in their own words:
    March 23, 2005: Smallville Season 4 DVD to Feature Lois Lane Retrospective

    While there are still 6 new episodes of season 4 of "Smallville" yet to air (the first one airing on April 13th), we've received word that work has already begun on putting together some of the Extra Features that will be included in the Season 4 DVD set when it's finally released.

    One specific feature which we've received word on is a "Lois Lane Retrospective." This feature will take a look back at the history of Lois Lane, so that today's generation can see that there has been a long line of women who have played this key role in the Superman mythology.

    Special guest appearances for this feature include video interviews with Erica Durance (who plays Lois Lane in "Smallville"), Noel Neill (the original Lois Lane from the Kirk Alyn "Superman" serials and "The Adventures of Superman" TV series from the 1950s), and even Dana Delany (who voiced Lois Lane in "Superman: The Animated Series" of the 1990s).

    Current indications are that the Season 4 DVD set will be available in September/October.

That's great news, in and of itself, but yesterday the KryptonSite web page expounded even further on these extras, including another major participant in the "Superman's girlfriend"-themed extra:
    Add another name to the Lois Lane retrospective scheduled for the Smallville Season Four DVD.

    Margot Kidder, who played Lois Lane in four Superman movies and appeared in the Smallville episodes "Crusade" and "Transference," has also been interviewed for the Smallville Season 4 DVD set. She joins former Loises Noel Neill and Dana Delany, and current Lois Erica Durance.

    ...We've also been able to learn that the Season 4 Smallville DVD (release date still not known - probably not until very late this year!) set will have commentary for the episode "Spell."

    No details, however, on who is on the commentary track. Speculate away!

Well, we won't speculate here at TVShowsOnDVD...we'll just wait for solid facts this time around, and pass them along to you when we get 'em. But we DO hope that it resembles the approach taken on the 2nd Season set, where there were commentary tracks from the folks in front of the camera (the cast) and another set of tracks from the folks behind the camera (the producers, etc.). The first and third season commentary tracks were very light on comments from the cast, and we like hearing both perspectives!

Our thanks to Craig at for the heads-up about all of the above info about 4th Season extras. Also, for those of you who missed hearing about this in the Lois & Clark news posts, the Season 1 release (due June 7th) contains a bonus disc containing the 4th Season premiere episode of Smallville, "Crusade."

It's a great way to get a sneak preview of the continuation of the 3rd Season cliffhanger, and watch Erica Durance's debut as Lois Lane, plus Margot Kidder's first appearance on the show. There are a lot of other great guest stars in the 4th season, including Michael Ironside as Lois Lane's father Sam, Benjamin Ratner, multiple appearances by none other than Jane Seymour, and the return of Terence Stamp (Superman II's "General Zod") as the voice of Jor-El.

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