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Smallville - Aquaman Pilot Episode, Starring 'Green Arrow', Stuffed in Smallville DVDs

Yet Another Best Buy Exclusive Item

Posted by David Lambert
Back in October 2005, during the 5th Season of Smallville, an episode called "Aqua" aired with Clark meeting "AC," a guy who could do stupendous things in the water. "AC" was, of course, Arthur Curry, better known in DC Comics circles as Aquaman. The episode was popular, and within a few months the producers of Smallville put together a pilot for a show best known at the time as Mercy Reef. It starred a different actor playing a different version of Arthur "AC" Curry (in that he apparently had a different background and experiences than the character met on Smallville).

The pilot, later renamed Aquaman, did not get on the air, and so the actor - Justin Hartley - ended up on Smallville, in a recurring role as Oliver Queen, a.k.a. "Green Arrow." Funnily enough, Smallville's Green Arrow would eventually meet and team up with Smallville's Aquaman (and other DC comics characters) in the sixth-season episode "Justice." Hartley's Green Arrow, at the very least, will be back on the show later this season...and we may see the rest of the "Justice" team as well. We'll certainly catch up on what they've been doing, at the very least.

The Aquaman (or Mercy Reef) show didn't make it to the tube, but the pilot episode was sold on iTunes, and became extremely popular there. So Best Buy and Warner Home Video have worked together to get that pilot put onto DVD. It's available starting yesterday, in Best Buy stores. You'll find it in specially marked season sets of Smallville (and you won't see it stuck to the back; it's literally inside the slipcover box). This hour-long pilot stars Hartley, Lou Diamond Phillips (La Bamba, Young Guns), Ving Rhames (Pulp Fiction, the Mission: Impossible films), Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights), Denise QuiƱones (Smallville, Smallville: The Vengeance Chronicles) and Rick Peters (Matt Parkman's former police pal on Heroes).

This week Best Buy has Smallville season sets 1-5 on sale for just $14.99 each, and so it's an easy decision to make if you have a hole in your collection (or know a friend who won't mind an open copy as a Christmas gift). Remember to look for the special sticker so you know it's in there. Below we've got a look at the sleeve and dics, a couple of screen shots, and a look at the sticker itself that marks the sets which contain this disc. We thank all the readers who wrote in about this, starting yesterday..there are way too many of you to name!

Aquaman Bonus DVD with Smallville: sleeve and disc

Aquaman Bonus DVD with Smallville: scenes

Aquaman Bonus DVD with Smallville: sticker showing disc is included

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