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Small Wonder - Will Wonders Never Cease? Shout! Producer Sez 'Early 2010' for DVDs!

DVD producer lets the cat out of the bag on the studio's official message boards

Posted by David Lambert
One of the cult favorite syndicated TV shows of the '80s was the 1985 series Small Wonder, starring Tiffany Brissette (who later appeared in an episode of Parker Lewis Can't Lose and several epsiodes of Equal Justice). Brissette played "Vicki," a robot made up to look like a little girl, and who's proper name was actuall "V.I.C.I." (Voice Input Child Identicant). Other stars included Dick Christie (Days of Our Lives), Marla Pennington (Soap), Jerry Supiran (Galactica 1980) and Emily Schulman (Christy). Schulman twice won a Young Artist Award for her work on Small Wonder.

The series, which ran for 4 seasons and 96 episodes, is among the top thirty most-wanted series that are unreleased on DVD, according to our site's registered members who vote for which shows they want to see on home video. Apparently the large following hasn't gone unnoticed, because our friends at Shout! Factory seem to have picked up the rights to this release. At least, that's what one of Shout!'s DVD Producers, Brian Ward, told fans yesterday at the studio's official message board! In a thread where fans were requesting that Shout! put out the program, Ward responded, "Oh, all right... Because it's you guys, we'll release it. Expect the first volume sometime early next year. - Brian"

Excellent news! Our thanks to all the readers who e-mailed us to make sure we saw that post, beginning with "Christopher H."; we appreciate the heads-up! We'll get everybody an exact release date and other details about this long-awaited release, just as soon as Shout! finalizes everything. Stay tuned!

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