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The Six Million Dollar Man - More Box Art Pics, Plus Fan Questions Answered, for 'The Complete Series' DVDs **CORRECTED**

Subtitles? Exact Date? Dusty Springfield Song? Time-Life tells us...

Posted by David Lambert
Since we first posted the press release a week-and-a-half ago, with Time-Life's official announced of The Six Million Dollar Man - The Complete Series on DVD, we've had a number of questions from fans asking for additional details about the set. We answered some of them right away (the next day!), but other inquiries have continued to come up. Our thanks to Time-Life for being so co-operative and answering as many of these as possible!

One frequent question we've gotten from fans has to do with the specs on this 40-DVD release: the video and audio formats, and whether there is any support for fans who might be deaf or otherwise hearing impaired. The answer to the last question is YES! Time-Life informs us that we can expect English SDH subtitles to be present on all of the episodes, the pilot movies, the reunion movies, and even the bonus syndicated versions of the reunion movies. [CORRECTION (9/26): the now struck-out line should read "even the bonus syndicated versions of the three pilot movies (in their reconfigured/ expanded format)," as there were not any syndicated versions of the reunion films; we regret any confusion!] Also, all of the original content on this set is shown as originally broadcast, with 1.33:1 "full frame" video, and English mono sound...just like we all would remember it. That's great to know, and we've already updated our release listing for the title with this info.

Also, there have been some questions about the formal "due date" of this title. The press release said November 23rd, and if you go to order it from Time-Life's USA site or Canadian site, it shows the same availability date. However, some fans have reported seeing other dates, in various places and at different times. We've been told that people have seen November 4th, and November 15th as well. We asked Time-Life about this discrepancy, and the reply is that the OFFICIAL date for this title will continue to be November 23rd. However, as they have done with their previous DVD releases of this nature, Time-Life will endeavor to begin shipping the finished product the moment it reaches their warehouse. So if it arrives one, two or even three weeks earlier than the official schedule suggests it will, then the studio will naturally begin shipping it out immediately to the fans who pre-ordered it. However, no matter what else you see anywhere, the title should not be considered "late" unless it ships to you after November 23rd.

One really terrific question I received about this release was from one of my regular industry contacts, a great person to talk with who is extraordinarily knowledgeable about classic television. My friend reminded me that the second and third pilot telefilms each had a VERY different opening and closing title sequence than fans are used to from seeing in the regular run program. Instead of opening with "a man barely alive," we instead got a "Six Million Dollar Man" theme song with vocals sung by Dusty Springfield (whose career includes hit songs like "I Only Want to Be With You" and "Son of a Preacher Man"). The theme song on these was written by none other than Glen A. Larson (Battlestar Galactica, Knight Rider, Magnum P.I., Switch and so many more), and Stu Phillips (music composer for many of Larson's shows, and others as well) did the arrangement. Honestly, not everybody remembers this music fondly. But will it be on the DVDs for "Wine, Women and War" and "Solid Gold Kidnapping," where they belong? Time-Life tells us YES, it's in there...just as originally broadcast.

However, is there anything fans would like that's NOT in there, such a huge collection? Unfortunately, the answer to that is also "yes." We've been asked by several fans about whether this Six Million Dollar Man set will include the various promos, bumpers, next-on trailers, and so forth. We were told that these are actually owned elsewhere other than NBC/Universal, and so weren't part of the license granted to Time-Life. And while Time-Life looked into the situation, ultimately these were unable to be included on their upcoming DVD release due to clearance issues.

Finally today, fans have wanted to get an even better look at the packaging of the 40-disc set of The Six Million Dollar Man - The Complete Series. Time-Life is still putting the finishing touches on the design of the outer box, so we don't have a close-up image of that for you yet. But in the meantime we've got an Animated GIF image simulating the lenticular portion of the outer box, with Col. Austin running right at you. And we have close-ups of the "inner" cases, which hold the discs. Below you'll see one for each season, plus the one that holds the bonus DVDs with all of Time-Life's in-depth extras (including show star Lee Majors). Bear in mind, please, that those bonus discs are NOT guaranteed to be available at general retail, when Universal starts selling these as season sets in a year (or more). So don't dawdle if you're a big fan of this show: make sure you pre-order your copy, even if you use the "pay in easy installments" plan (which knocks the cost down below $50 per's like paying under fifty dollars per season, eh?).

The Six Million Dollar Man - The Complete Series

The Six Million Dollar Man - The Complete Series: Lenticular Cover

The Six Million Dollar Man - The Complete Series: Season 1

The Six Million Dollar Man - The Complete Series: Season 2

The Six Million Dollar Man - The Complete Series: Season 3

The Six Million Dollar Man - The Complete Series: Season 4

The Six Million Dollar Man - The Complete Series: Season 5

The Six Million Dollar Man - The Complete Series: Bonus DVDs Case

The Six Million Dollar Man - The Complete Series

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