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Site News - Home Theater Forum Warner Bros Chat Transcript - Part 2

Posted by Gord Lacey
This is part 2 of the Home Theater Forum Warner Bros chat transcript; Read part 1. Show titles are in bold to make them easier to find.

First off, thanks for releasing Animaniacs on DVD, and thanks for promising to look into releasing S 2-4 of Everwood (it is very well appreciated by Everwood fans). Now onto the question: What is the status of The OC season 3? Will it be released in August as S2 was?

The OC will not be released in August this year but it will be out later this year with a lot of great extras!

Thanks for considering about bringing the DC Filmation toons to DVD, I remember them as part of the Super Powers Video Collection. My question is which version of the SUPERFRIENDS will be used for Vol. 3?

you can look for Superfriends the legendary super powers show and the super powers team galactic guardians coming up in 2007.

Thanks so much for taking my question this evening, hope it isn't too off track. There are a couple of series I would love to have but that are not on DVD - has Warner considered allowing legal downloads of episodes not on DVD(kinda like an ITunes)? I've found a couple of sites that claim to offer legal downloads of shows I'd LOVE to have, but it's hard to know who to trust.... I'd think Warner could save some $$ going the downloads route

Those issues are actively under consideration.

On Batman Beyond's second season: will it be a full 26 episode release, or split into volumes? Also, do you have any plans for Cartoon Network season sets from shows like Billy and Mandy, Ed, Edd and Eddy, etc?

Batman Beyond will be the full season 2 and we are evaluating season set releases for Cartooon Network shows.

PLEASE CONSIDER PERFECT STRANGERS! That was asked already, but please release it! I'm dying for it. What are the status for these series for season sets: Mama's Family, Head of the Class and more Growing Pains?

Look for Mama's later this year. No news on the others.

Come meet Bruce Campbell at Comic Con where we'll be featuring our Adventures of Brisco County Jr. panel on Saturday. The full series will be out on DVD on July 18! DONE

Speaking for scads of fans that congregate around Jim Nolt's George Reeves Tribute web site, thanks for the release of The Adventures of Superman. Many of us have noticed some issues with questionable picture quality and missing scenes from some episodes, as well as the missing previews from Season 1, mismatched openings from Seasons1&2 and misplaced closing music. Did you have 35mm source available for your transfers, and are there plans to correct some of these issues I mentioned with updated, revised dvd sets?

The ownership and handling of these masters went through numerous hands over the course of 50+ years. During that time prior caretakers did not handle all film elements for every episode as we would have hoped. We appreciate your continued support and interest for the series. Please know that the company is making every attempt to release the highest quality possible given the materials that we have at our disposal.

Any info on "Eight Is Enough" or the TV movies "Flood" (1976) and/or "Fire" (1977) coming to DVD?

No plans at this time on these.

First of all, thanks for the Looney Tunes sets. They're the prize of my collection. My question is regarding the George Lucas produced animated movie Twice Upon a Time. Is there any chance this will end up on DVD? Especially given some of the talent that worked on it (Harley Jessup, David Fincher, Henry Selick), it really deserves the chance to be discovered. It's both beautiful and hilarious.

Twice Upon a Time is handled through Theatrical catalog group and we will convey the question to them.

First, I am extremely happy about Animaniacs on DVD and wanted to know what other 90's cartoons are coming down the pipeline? Specifically, Dexter's Lab, Cow and Chicken and Sheep in the Big City?

we are in conversatons with Cartoon Network about their other releases. stay tuned.

Hi, thanks for the chat! I'd like to know if you have plans to release on DVD Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, as well as the earlier TV special Kung Fu: The Movie, and what about a re-release of the first season of Kung Fu, this time in the proper fullscreen aspect ratio? Thanks so much!

No plans to re-release Kung Fu Season 1. We'll evaluate the others.

We're having the world premiere of the new TEEN TITANS Original Animated Movie TEEN TITANS: TROUBLE IN TOKYO at Comic Con next month. It will be on Sat. night 7/22 at 7pm. We will also be hosting panels for Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain (Thurs 7/20), the aforementioned Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. and some Superman surprises...

Look, I'm surprised nobody has yet to mention GET SMART. I hear it's coming and being released through TIME/LIFE. Anything you'd like to mention about this?

It's our sister company HBO's product. is LIFE GOES ON selling? Can we expect to see more of the Thatcher family (all 4 seasons?)? What about OUR HOUSE? Perfect Strangers is a Miller-Boyett Production, in association with Lorimar Television and Warner Bros. Domestic Cable Distribution...always wanted to say that! Sorry lol!

We can't disclose sales information. We're evaluating future seasons of Life Goes On. No plans for Our House at this time.

Can we hear some noise for those Edmonton Oilers!!!

Hi Warner thanks for taking the time to do this chat: As a big fan of 70s/80s TV, My question is do you have any plans to release any of the following in season sets ? CHiPs, Spencer: For Hire, The Streets of San Francisco ? ThankYou Much!

We are considering CHiPs, no plans on the others at this time.

We know you're all psyched for the new Original Tom and Jerry movie "Shiver Me Whiskers" coming in August.

Thanks for the Flash set and the only tv dvd my wife has ever asked me for..Knots Landing. My question is this..Any chance of the Michael Madsen series Vengeance Unlimited? Hopefully the upcoming Supernatural dvd will have the original music. Thanks! Another plea for Kung Fu:TLC.

Yes, Supernatural, coming on Sept 5th will have all of the original music PLUS over 2 hours of special features. We think you will greatly enjoy it! No plans for Vengeance Unlimited at this time.

Shoutout to my ToonZone peeps. But I gotta ask a live-action q.... are we ever going to see "What I Like About You" on DVD? I can't understand why this didn't happen while the series was still on the air and practically everything else on the WB was out on DVD.

no plans on "what i like about you" at this time.

You're evaluating "Tiny Toons." Can you tell us how well is it doing in the evaluation process? This is my Holy Grail of your animated properties.

We know there's fan interest and its under serious consideration


Check your papers for more Popeye news...

finally get in, yea! Thanks for offering this opportunity to speak with you. I've got another question regarding Night Court (really big fan): it seems the disappointing sales of Season 1 was that people weren't interested in a season that didn't have Markie Post in it. Hopefully the TV Favorites were successfull enough to warrant season sets again for the show, maybe doing seasons 2+3 together and then releasing the other 6 seasons

we have no plans at this time, we are evaluating future Night Court releases

but we have a guy in our office who looks just like Bull

MattMelander> Thanks for doing this, you guys are great! Any news on Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law Vol:2? Anything on Max Headroom?

Harvey Birdman Vol 2 will be released later this year. No news on Max Headroom.

Invasion: The Complete Series...great show you might have for it in August. August 22nd that is.

Any Gilmore fans out there? Season 6 coming on Sept 19th!

and...SMALLVILLE: SEASON 5...also in September...Sept. 12th

Thanks so much for chatting with us! Are season set of "Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends" under consideration? And can you give us some insight into what goes into consider an animated series for a full season set?

Yes, there is consideration for Fosters Home.

By enlarge, we are moving towards releasing animated series in full season sets DONE

Thank you. Any Plans for more Season sets of Growing Pains?

No plans for growing pains.

Smallville - some great special features on this one, lots of deleted scenes and an inside look at the 100th episode.

what is the situation with huckleberry hound vol 2 since it has my fav HH episode with the attacking potato and yogi playing the football with the bears. you can't keep those in the vault. I beg of you to make the set happen.

What, no more everwood?

There are no plans for Huckleberry Hound Vol 2 at this time but it stays under consideration.

Well, I think that about wraps it up.

So we can go back to eating our dinner?

I want to thank the folks at Warner Bros: Melissa, Dorinda, Amit, Rosemary, George (and we suspect) Michael.

George says he looks forward to another theatrical catalog chat before years end...George, Vol 4...the DVD.

I'd buy that for a dollar.

Before year's end? Yeah, we can do that.

Th Th Th Thats all folks...DONE

and eat your spinach and buy your Popeye!

Goodnight Everyone! Look for the transcript to be posted on TVSHOWSONDVD.COM and THE DIGITAL BITS tomorrow morning.


Session Close: Tue Jun 06 22:54:16 2006

Copyright 2000-2006 Home Theater Forum. Reader may not modify, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale or in any way exploit any of the content of transcript, in whole or in part, without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder.

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