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Site News - Shout! Rep Says to Expect Season 2 Sets for Several Stalled Sony Shows

Here Come the Brides, S.W.A.T., The Rookies and Police Woman sophomore season DVD are being planned

Posted by David Lambert
The first season of Here Come the Brides hit DVD in 2006. It's been 2003 since we saw the rookie season of S.W.A.T. on DVD. The Rookies hit the DVD beat with their first season in 2007. And it's been 2006 since we've been peppered with the first year of Police Woman's program run. All 4 of these Sony-owned series have been stalled on home video for a few years. Is anybody coming to their rescue?

Cliff MacMillan is the Vice President of DVD Production and Acquisitions for Shout! Factory, and he's one of the "industry insiders" who makes posts over at the Home Theater Forum ("HTF," the discussion-based website where TVShowsOnDVD founder Gord Lacey and I first got to know each other). Now one of our readers, Jeff Howse, has given us the heads-up that our friend Cliff has made some posts in the past few weeks that publicly reveal how Shout! has picked up the DVD rights to these shows, and intend to continue them in 2012:
  • Here an HTF member, Glen, says "I wish SHOUT would release Season 2 of HERE COME THE BRIDES," and another HTF-er named Paul immediately responds with "I agree." Earlier this week SF's Cliff responded to Paul with the exciting news, "Coming in 2012! "

  • A few weeks earlier, Cliff posted an answer to another question (regarding news we've since posted about Adam-12), and decided to cap off his info with an exciting statement: "And for some more news.... coming in 2012... Police Woman S2, The Rookies S2 and S.W.A.T. S2 ."

  • In regard to the latter announcement, HTF member Richard inquired earlier this week the following: "Cliff, is there any possibility of the pilot movie/TV movie of The Rookies being released (referring to The Rookies being a Shout title in 2012)? This question also applies to the S.W.A.T. pilot movie as well (a third season episode of The Rookies)." Yesterday Cliff responded to Richard with the hopeful reply, "We hope to include them."
This is great news, and we're grateful to reader Jeff Howse for pointing it out to us, as we've certainly overlooked it up until now. Since it is publicly posted, we have no problem sharing the info with our readers...but we warn you to be cautious, too: Shout! Factory has not formally put these titles on their DVD schedule, or announced them to the press. We're can't even be certain from Cliff's wording if the contracts are all signed (they probably are, but we're not in a position to know for sure). Stay tuned for the formal Shout announcements of these titles once they are official, and naturally we'll update you if we hear of any further developments between now and then.

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