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Site News - Vol. 2 Releases of 60s, 70s Saturday Morning Cartoons Brings Banana Splits, Shazzan!, More

2 more two-disc sets from Warner due on October 27th

Posted by David Lambert
The following contains information provided by the studio. Any errors were made on behalf of the studio. Please don't email us with corrections to the information contained in the news item below:

    These collections of some of your favorite Saturday morning cartoons of the 1960's and 1970's will take you back to those early Saturday mornings sitting in front of the T.V., cereal in hand and clad in pajamas/ Relive those great moments with these fantastic new collections!
Following up on the late May releases of the two Volume 1 sets, Warner Home Video has announced that another pair of collections are on the way for release this October 27th. According to the early box art (bottom), both Saturday Morning Cartoons - 1960's Volume 2 and Saturday Morning Cartoons - 1970's Volume 2 will each be a 2-disc set with 12 shows, but the provided content lists (also below) show 13 and 14, respectively. List price is set at $26.99 SRP each.

Video is in full frame, audio in English ("stereo," it says, even though all of these were produced for mono). English subtitles will be present, and the running time is 277 minutes on 1960's Volume 2 and 352 minutes on 1970's Volume 2. Each release comes with bonus content that includes Audio Commentary and a Featurette; a communication to retailers explains the extras this way: "Don't Touch That Dial - Loaded with New Bonus Content, Including: Saturday Morning Previews on Each Collection Highlighting Fan Favorites Such as The Magilla Gorilla Show, Shazzan and Much More!"

There's an online trailer to see for an advance look at some short clips. We've got the list of contents for you right below, followed by an early look (not finalized) at the package art:

  • Saturday Morning Cartoons - 1960's Volume 2:
    1. Johnny Cypher in Dimension Zero: Attack from Out of Space/Rhom, Super Criminal/The Eye of Ramapoor
    2. Peter Potamus: Fe Fi Fo Fun
    3. Flintstones: The Flintstones Flyer
    4. The Porky Pig Show: Scaredy Cat/Baton Bunny/Feather Dusted
    5. Frankenstein Jr. & The Impossibles: The Shocking Electric Monster/The Bubbler
    6. Adventures of Aquaman: Menace of the Blanc Manta/The Rampaging Reptile-Men/The Return of Nepto
    7. Herculoid: The Beaked People/The Raider Apes
    8. Space Ghost/Dino Boy: The Heat Thing/The Worm People/Zorak
    9. Superman: The Force Phantom
    10. The Jetsons: A Date with Jet Screamer
    11. The Road Runner Show: Beep Beep/Satan's Waitin/Chili con Carne
    12. Magilla Gorilla: Gridiron Gorilla
    13. Tom & Jerry Show: No Bones About It/An Ill Wind/Beach Bully

  • Saturday Morning Cartoons - 1970's Volume 2:
    1. Yogi's Gang: The Greedy Genie
    2. The Bugs Bunny Show: Whoa Begone/To Itch His Own/Gee Whiz-z-z
    3. Hong Kong Phooey: Cat Theives/Zoo Story
    4. Pebbles and Bamm Bamm: Gridiron Girl Trouble
    5. Scooby Doo: What a Night for a Knight
    6. Shazzan!: The Living Island
    7. The Jetsons: Jetson's Night Out
    8. The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Hour: Snow Business/Two Crows from Tacos/Ready, Set, Zoom!
    9. Dastardly & Muttley: Stop that Pigeon
    10. Wacky Races: See-Saw to Arkansas/Creepy Trip to Lemon Twist
    11. Banana Splits: Joining the Knights/The Littlest Musketeer/"Danger Island" Episodes 1 & 2
    12. The Flintstones: No Biz like Show Biz
    13. Penelope Pitstop: The Diabolical Department Store Danger
    14. The New Adventures of Superman: Mermen of Emor
    Saturday Morning Cartoons - 1960's Volume 2 and Saturday Morning Cartoons - 1970's Volume 2
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